Postdoctoral Trainees

Angela M. Henricks, PhD

PhD in Experimental Psychology, Washington State University, 2016

Research interests
In general, my research interests aim to examine how drug addiction impacts emotion and cognition differently in men and women, and how sex hormones contribute to these differences. While working on my PhD, I evaluated how chronic alcohol consumption altered endocannabinoid-related genes in male and female rats, as well as how estrogens influenced these genetic changes in females. Currently, I am working under the supervision of Dr. Alan Green, evaluating how cannabis use alters brain reward pathways in individuals with schizophrenia. I hope to extend my knowledge of sex differences in addiction to this current work, in order to better understand how drugs of abuse impact psychiatric illnesses in men and women.

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Travis Masterson, PhD

PhD in Nutritional Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University, 2018
MS in Exercise Sciences – Health Promotion, Brigham Young University, 2015
BS in Exercise and Wellness, Brigham Young University, 2013

Research interests
My research is centered on understanding and preventing the development of obesity in both children and adults. Specifically, my research strives to understand the neural underpinnings of food cue reactivity and how this correlates to eating behaviors. As food cues are abundant in the current environment I am also interested in understanding how we can modify both the brain and behavioral responses to these cues. I use both laboratory eating paradigms and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) paradigms to examine these questions. My graduate training focused on the effects of food marketing on brain response and food intake in children. I am currently working under the supervision of Dr. Diane Gilbert-Diamond where I am continuing to examine the effects of food marketing on children’s brain response and eating behavior and their relation to children’s genetic predisposition for weight gain.

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Michael Sofis, PhD

PhD in Behavioral Psychology, University of Kansas, 2018

Research interests
At the CTBH, Michael is working with Dr. Alan Budney to research factors that predict, are associated with, and are a result of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder (CUD). Michael is interested in exploring how self-control (i.e., delay discounting) and persistence (the sunk cost effect) may contribute to the development, prevention, and treatment of CUD. Moving forward, Michael hopes to leverage such research efforts to inform the development of novel treatments that help prevent or treat CUD.

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