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V. Lynn Foster-Johnson
Lynn is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Education and also works as an evaluator with the Center for Program Design and Evaluation at Dartmouth. Lynn has a broad set of methodological skills and regularly partners with multidisciplinary teams in research and evaluation activities. Lynn has a wide range of research interests and loves to partner on projects that present measurement or assessment challenges. One of her interests focuses on improving the measurement of learning and decision-making. Lynn has collaborated on projects examining the integration of virtual patients in medical education, clinical reasoning, diagnostic accuracy, and learner's use of self-assessment to enhance learning. A recent collaboration found evidence of learning transfer and "resets" in transitional writing strategies. She is interested in better understanding the role of information and physician relationships in the medical decision-making of medically underserved and vulnerable populations.
Lynn received her Ph.D. from the University of South Florida, specializing in Educational Measurement, Evaluation, and Research. She honed her statistics and measurement skills in a post-doc investigating mental health services use patterns and the co-occurrence of substance use and mental health challenges.