M1 Program Curriculum

Incoming M1 students interested in joining BtB should fill out this application when it opens, and all interested students are invited to contact current M2 leadership either via the BtB Facebook page or via email.

Broadly, the M1 curriculum for 2018-2019 will be split into three parts that coincide with the M1 academic terms. The first term will focus more generally on topics related to health disparities and the social determinants of health, while the second term will explore those questions in the context of the Upper Valley and New Hampshire more broadly. The third and final term will be organized by M1s themselves as the leadership transitions to the new leaders. Throughout the three terms, there will be collaboration between BtB and other student groups at Geisel and the broader Upper Valley Community, along with events and potlucks with our community partners. BtB also strongly encourages its members to take part in service events, and several will be organized to help introduce members to the various organizations working within the Upper Valley.

M2 Program Curriculum

By the end of the M1 second term, first year students will be selected for leadership positions through an application administered by the current M2s. These students will be responsible for managing both the community partner matching process and the didactic curriculum during their second year of medical school.

BTB members who will not be taking leadership positions within BTB itself are welcome to attend BTB events if they are able. Students are also encouraged to keep in touch with their community partners as they continue on in medical school but will no longer be expected to adhere to a fixed partner meeting schedule.