DMS-Sophie Davis Program


One of the strengths of the Dartmouth Medical School program historically noted by its students is the excellent academic preparation they receive here which is enhanced and fostered in this small, closely knit community. Now a new group of students is about to gain the benefits of this special place.

The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education (SBE) offers a unique program designed to increase access to medical training for inner-city youths, particularly underrepresented minorities and economically disadvantaged students. Students are recruited from throughout the New York Metropolitan region. A major part of the school's mission is to train primary care professionals who will practice in medically underserved communities of New York.

In this BS/MD program, students spend five years at the SBE during which they complete the BS degree and the first two years of medical school. Students receive a foundation in

the liberal arts, community health and sociomedical sciences as well as the biomedical sciences. Upon completion of the five-year program at SBE, students transfer to a cooperating medical school for the final two years leading to the MD degree.

Beginning with the academic year 2007-08, Dartmouth Medical School and the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City College of New York embarked upon a collaborative program. In June 2007, five qualified SBE students came to Dartmouth Medical School as advanced transfer students to complete their studies and training for their MD medical degree.

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