Rural Health Scholars

Faculty Advisor: Peter Mason, MD
Academic Advisor: Shawn O'Leary

Packard Hill Bridge spanning the Mascoma River in Lebanon, NH

For more information: 603-650-1553

Mission and Goals:
The Rural Health Scholars is an organization comprised of medical students striving to attain the leadership and skills necessary to successfully provide care to rural, underserved patient populations. This foundation will serve as a source of mutual support and encouragement for pursuing a career in rural medicine.

In addition to support and structure, the Rural Health Scholars will provide its members the opportunity to shadow rural providers of various specialties, guest speakers and clinicians to talk about rural health care, chances to attend national and regional meetings of rural health centered professional societies, and volunteer opportunities in different venues. They will also provide help and collaboration with community, clinical, and research-based projects.

In return, the individual Rural Health Scholar shall regularly attend meetings and functions, volunteer, and participate in all activities. It is the combination of support from this organization and member involvement that will ensure the successful development of its future physicians.

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