Our Five Guiding Principles

Create Leaders and Leadership

Leadership is an exercise in language that brings forth a radically new future. We will create leaders who exercise leadership effectively as their natural self-expression. Only by way of the language of leadership can we grow ourselves, each and every day, to acquire the insights and wisdom to tackle the world's problems.

Students and Faculty First

Every day, we work together to enrich people's lives through learning, discovering, and healing. The catalyst for serving others is embodied in our faculty-student relationships. We will make every effort to continue recruiting and retaining the very best students and faculty to our campus.

Revitalize Education and Research

Our commitment to the advancement of learning and discovery must be reflected in programs that are cutting-edge, forward-thinking, and highly relevant. As we prepare our people for the practice of medicine, research, and teaching, we must also prepare leaders of change who will push the frontiers of innovation.

Reach Out and Connect Diverse People

We create new opportunities to connect people at Dartmouth and around the world so that new partnerships, novel ideas, and imaginative solutions are spawned. In reaching out and connecting with others, we assure a commitment to a purpose that is bigger than ourselves.

We Win Together as a Team

People are our most precious asset and teamwork is our winning formula. This ethos will be reflected in our partnership with Dartmouth College, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, the White River Junction VA Medical Center, and our partners throughout the region and beyond. This includes the relationships we have with our alumni, donors, and members of the communities we serve.