Burnap/Lyons Global Health Fellowships
at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Supported by:
  Clement F. and Elaine S. Burnap International Medicine Fellowship
  John H. and Teresa G. Lyons Endowment Fund

Fellowship Application

The global health experience that you are applying for is expected to be more than a clinical exposure or a basic research project in an underserved community. It must be an educational, cross-cultural experience in which you attempt to make a beneficial and lasting contribution to those with whom you work. To that end, fellowship experiences must include one or more of the Fellowship Guidelines below:

  1. Hands on community development
  2. Public health or patient education
  3. Involvement in the delivery and assessment of clinical care in an underserved community
  4. Gathering and tabulating information that is required for planning or evaluating health services or assessing the distribution of disease and the factors that influence that distribution.

A service element is a requirement of all projects.
In reviewing Fellowship applications, proposals will be ranked in part on what the student plans to leave behind that will be of value to the people served.

**Prior to applying for these fellowships, you should be aware of the following:**

Funding for summer fellowships will not be awarded until after the GHE-Dickey Fellowship recipients have been notified!

Things you should know:

  1. Only Geisel Medical School students are eligible for these fellowships.
  2. These fellowships are not funded retroactively.
  3. These fellowships must comply with the official travel policy of Dartmouth in that they will not fund travel to any country on the State Department's travel warning list. In "extraordinary circumstances," the Provost may grant an exception.
  4. These fellowships will not fund required clinical clerkships.
  5. 3rd and 4th year students who expect to receive academic credit must obtain prior approval from the Registrar.
  6. Most successful applicants have been those whose proposal is for a 4 to 6 week global health experience.
  7. Except for summer Fellowships, as noted above, applicants will be notified of the reviewers' decisions promptly after proposals are reviewed.

Upon their return, Fellows are expected to:

  1. attend a debriefing meeting with their Geisel faculty mentor
  2. submit an appropriate length electronic report of their experience with the guidance of their Geisel faculty mentor to Michelle.Chamley@dartmouth.edu
  3. present their experience at GHE-Dickey night at the medical school

For further information contact:

Michelle B. Chamley
Office of Financial Aid
Geisel Medical School
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755
Telephone: (603) 650-1572
e-mail: Geisel.Financial.Aid@Dartmouth.edu.

Application checklist:
(Note: incomplete information regarding logistics should not prevent applicant from submitting application on time)

  1. Personal Information complete
  2. Emergency Contact Information complete
  3. Past Global Health Experience complete
  4. Proposed Global Experience complete
  5. Budget information complete
  6. Discussion Questions complete
  7. Geisel Faculty Mentor "Responsibilities of Geisel Faculty Mentor" sheet complete
  8. Geisel Faculty Mentor's Statement complete
  9. Foreign Site Sponsor's Statement complete
  10. Photocopy of front page of passport complete
  11. If necessary, registrar-approved elective application complete

Burnap/Lyons Fellowship Application Forms