About OSR

A brief primer on the AAMC and Organization of Student Representatives (from the AAMC website):

"The AAMC is comprised of and represents undergraduate and graduate medical education in the United States. Representatives from member institutions include the Council of Deans (COD), Council of Academic Societies (CAS), Council of Teaching Hospitals (COTH), the Organization of Resident Representatives (ORR), and the OSR. Other groups within the AAMC of particular interest to medical students include the Group on Educational Affairs (GEA) and the Group on Student Affairs (GSA). The GSA is subdivided into committees representing admissions, student financial assistance, student diversity affairs, student affairs, and registrars. The AAMC is [also] a trusted provider of convenient and valuable resources for medical students, residents, and professionals in academic medicine, [a selection of these include: AMCAS, Careers in Medicine, ERAS, VSAS, and MedEdPortal/iCollaborative.]

The Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) represents medical students nationwide and provides an active role for students in advancing the AAMC mission to improve the nation's health. OSR representatives are selected by AAMC member medical schools to monitor activities at their institutions, represent student opinions to the OSR Administrative Board (Ad Board), and relay national OSR and AAMC priorities to the students and staff of their institutions. OSR's Administrative Board is comprised of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, five National Delegates and four Regional Chairs. In addition, the OSR appoints students to serve as liaisons to various national committees of import to the AAMC. The OSR seeks to ensure that students actively participate in directing their education, preserving their rights, and delineating their professional responsibilities. To this end, the OSR gives medical students a voice in academic medicine at the national level and strives to foster student involvement and awareness in this arena at a local level."

More information can be found about the AAMC-OSR here.

About the AAMC-OSR at Geisel:

The Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine is typically represented by two students at the AAMC-OSR. New reps, who apply through a competitive application and interview process early in their first year, are selected by the current senior Geisel rep(s). The Dean of Student Affairs serves as a faculty mentor. Our reps tend to be actively involved in the organization, pursuing liaison, regional, and national leadership positions when possible. In addition to the national list-serve, Geisel OSR reps are able to connect face-to-face with OSR reps from across the country and within our region at the AAMC Annual Meeting held in the Fall and at Spring Regional Meeting. Through the OSR, Geisel's reps are able to inform local conversations with the perspective gained from interaction with colleagues across the country. Similarly, our OSR reps serve as a conduit to bring important Geisel-led initiatives and innovations to the national stage. The Geisel reps also endeavor to ensure that resources created by the AAMC and OSR for medical students are at your fingertips.

Your local OSR reps are committed to serving you. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we might be able to help with your goals to improve and enrich Geisel. Your current Geisel OSR rep is:

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