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Professionalism Reporting

Welcome to the Professionalism Recognition and Remediation Reporting dashboard.

The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth takes pride in promoting professionalism and is committed to graduate future physicians who demonstrate professional behaviors. To this end, Geisel has made professionalism one of its core competencies for graduation, and defined its standards for professionalism and professional conduct that apply to faculty, students, and staff in its Professionalism Policy.

Geisel uses a two-pronged approach to foster growth in students’ professionalism: (1) Recognition of exemplary professionalism, and (2) Remediation for lapses in professionalism. The Professionalism Recognition and Remediation policy was written to establish the framework that addresses professionalism with a developmental approach.

If faculty, staff, or students observe a behavior or conduct they believe to be exemplary professionalism or a lapse, they should report the incident using the following Professionalism Report Form below.

Instructional Video for Professionalism Recognition and Remediation Reporting

Professionalism Report Form



More information about the process is available in the Professionalism Recognition and Remediation Policy.