COVID-19 Information and Updates for Medical Students

Please note that since initiating the weekly Geisel Pre-Clinical and Clinical email bulletins all updated Geisel COVID-related information can be found in the bulletin archives.
Each message is individually available, fully searchable and able to be sorted by title/date/etc. For Dartmouth College COVID-related information and policies please visit


This page will be updated on a weekly basis to reflect Geisel class updates, Dartmouth College information, and national health and medical education changes. To add information regarding student activities please reach out to Geisel Student Affairs.

General Student Affairs Updates

  • Geisel on Call is available to you at any time.
  • Location Check Ins: Please respond to the weekly Qualtrics location check-in sent by Student Affairs so that we can schedule class times and provide services / support accordingly.
  • NH and VT Stay at Home Orders: The governors of both states have issued stay at home orders. Vermont has extended its orders to May 15th and New Hampshire is May 31st however they have suspended schools through the rest of the year. You are advised to only leave your home for essential tasks such as once per week grocery shopping and outdoor exercise.
  • Mail Delivery: It is strongly recommended that you have any packages of importance sent to your homes and not to the school address until further notice. We cannot guarantee delivery to school boxes.
  • Student and Group Travel Funding: All student and group travel funding will be suspended until travel guidelines change. If you have already been approved for travel funding, please comply with the travel policies as issued by the administration. Reimbursement will be based on the travel guidelines therefore travel that does not comply may not be reimbursed.
  • Events: We Continue to Celebrate Your Accomplishments!
    • Virtual Transition Ceremony (2022s). This event took place at 1pm on April 24.
    • Virtual Class Day (2020s). This will take place at noon on June 6, 2020. We are working hard to ensure that this significant event is as special as possible for you!
    • AMA Class of 2020 Tribute. On May 20, the AMA will recognize the 30,000 medical students graduating this year by hosting a tribute to the medical school class of 2020 on the AMA YouTube and Facebook channels. The tribute will feature some of the most prominent names in medicine, including Anthony S. Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and VADM Jerome M. Adams, MD, MPH, U.S. Surgeon General, among a variety of special celebrity guests. Tune into the AMA Tribute to the Medical School Class of 2020 on May 20 at 6 p.m. Central Time via YouTube and Facebook.
  • Student Government “Geisel Distancing” Events:
    • Fortnite: Interested in joining a Fortnite crew? Contact Marek Svoboda.
    • Book club: Interested in starting a book club? Contact Shruthi Nammalwar
    • Interested in hosting a virtual event? Contact Shruthi Nammalwar
    • All student clubs and interest groups are encouraged to continue operations in online formats. Students are able to set up a zoom room on their own. Reach out to Taryn Weinstein or Dr. Holmes if you are looking for speakers for interest panels or career events
  • Student Groups: If you are interested in starting a new student group for next year please contact Tina Hoisington for details.


Geisel Healthcare and Mental Health Services

  • If you are ill, please call into Dick's House to receive appropriate guidance regarding the next steps The CDC is appropriately changing illness management guidance as things unfold and the Dick's House clinicians are very tied into this and have up to date management.
  • Medical Student Health Insurance: Important Coverage Updates
    • You can reach a staff member by calling 603-646-9438 or 603-646-9449 during our normal business hours (8am – 4pm Monday-Friday), or by emailing
    • Please use the link below to see the current changes, as well as checking our website ( for any future changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Student Health insurance can be used in locations away from Geisel.
    • COVID-19 Updates
  • Mental Health Services
    • Geisel Counseling Program: Call 603-653-0045 to speak with a counselor via phone or Zoom for a brief consultation or to schedule an appointment.
    • Dick’s House Counseling: Call 603-646-9442 to schedule a phone triage appointment or if you have questions about current services which include:
      • Dick’s House On-Call Service available 24/7 (S&S 603-646-4000)
      • Triage appointments to help determine treatment options, which may include short-term teletherapy or a referral to a local provider will continue.
      • For students who have an established relationship with one of our psychiatrists, we are providing psychiatric medication evaluations and med checks (when appropriate). For other students, we will help them get connected with appropriate care.
      • Coordinator of our Nutrition Program will provide teleconsultation.
  • Geisel Wellness Resources


Financial Aid


Academic Information

  • All faculty and staff are available individually by phone or email for any academic or advising needs during business hours. Please reach out to them as needed.
  • Dartmouth College has mandated that all programs, undergraduate and graduate, move to remote learning for the remainder of the term.  This may not apply to our clinical students. However, when and where they return to clinical activity is still to be determined.
  • Clinical rotations including sub-Is, clinical electives and the clinical aspect of clerkships are on suspension until further notice.  It is not clear when we will be able to resume and when we do it will likely be piecemeal as each clerkship and each site assesses their ability to host students.  Clerkship directors have adjusted their curriculum to prepare virtual learning experiences to ensure academic progress towards learning objectives.
  • Step 1: Dedicated Study Period: We still intend to give you the 6 week dedicated study period between the end of Year 2 in early May and the start of Year 3 in late June as we expect that many of you will still want to take Step 1 prior to the start of Year 3.
  • Faculty have developed additional non-clinical electives for M3 and M4 students to ensure continued academic progress.
  • Students can create their own non-clinical electives through the application form online with approval from the registrar. Please see the site for details.
  • Enrichment opportunities for the spring term have been canceled.

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Class Updates

May 15, 2020

All Classes:

  • Fall Term:  Dartmouth College has multiple task forces working on the decision of what fall term will look like.  Geisel and the other graduate schools are represented and part of the discussion.  Given that our Year 1 and 2 students start earlier than the undergraduates, we remain hopeful that a decision will be made sooner for us regarding specific details.  We are different from the undergraduate cohort in that our students live off campus.  We similar however in that our Year 1 and 2 students take classes, often in large groups.  We may be moving to a hybrid format with in person small groups with appropriate physical distancing and PPE as needed, with virtual large groups.  Stay tuned.


  • About 1 month left before your summer break starts.  Dr. Holmes has been trying to meet with each of you and plans to do so in the coming weeks/month.  GI and Metabolism continues under the steady hands of our experienced directors and Reproduction Medicine has just started.  We do appreciate your feedback, realizing that this is the first iteration of these phase 1 courses in their newly conceived forms - of course complicated by the need to run them during this pandemic.  For now, please do plan to be returning to the Upper Valley and ready to start at least some in person activities in mid-August as previously planned.


  • Step 1:  I am hearing that more of you are finding Step 1 openings and I anticipate more spaces will become available in the coming weeks so please continue to search if you were planning to take this prior to the start of Year 3.  We will be as flexible as possible allowing a day off from clerkships to take the exam if you find a date in July.  The two days that would NOT work for those of you planning to start the year with a clerkship  would be June 25 and 26th as those are clerkship specific orientation days and impossible to make up later.  ICE / General Orientation will run on June 22-24 but can certainly work with you to make up missed sessions if needed.  We are still working with our individual sites and rotations to determine possible re-entry dates for our clerks.  While not set in stone, things are looking favorable for many of our sites to be open by the time you start year 3.
  • The Academic Skills Office recommends you take an NBME Self-Assessment early in your Step 1 preparations. Geisel will cover the full cost ($60) of one NBME Self-Assessment (either form 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, or 24). You will need to take a Self-Assessment and submit for your reimbursement no later than June 15, 2020. If you have already purchased and paid for a Self-Assessment, you are welcome submit for a reimbursement. Go here to enter your reimbursement info: NBME Self-Assessment Reimburse Link. NOTE: You are required to upload your receipt/proof of purchase, so be sure to keep track of it.


  • Clerkship / SubI clinical starts: I have no definite start dates yet.  I think there is high likelihood that some clinical services will open at DH in the next two weeks.  We are taking into consideration the needs of each of you based on what you have missed and what you need to prepare for a residency application and will be trying to align this best with the spots that become open.  Each clerkship will be trying to get you into 2-4 weeks of clinic activity on top of the virtual weeks that you have had.  So, if a spot opens and you are here and need it, we’ll work to put in you in.  If you are away and we don’t get enough advance notice, we’ll notify you and ask that you return and put you in next.  If you are comfortable returning now knowing that there is no guarantee presently on getting you started in the next 2-3 weeks, I’d recommend you return.  If you are not comfortable traveling or for other reasons cannot return now, don’t worry, we’ll fit you in when you return.
  • Virtual Radiology Elective:  Radiology will host another round of their virtual elective.  It will start on 5/18 with an end date of 6/5/2020 (3 weeks/credits) for RADO 502-Elec: Basic Clinical Radiology. The Year 3 and the split Year 4 students will be able to register for this elective up until May 13, this is five days prior to the start date. This will allow Matt the time needed to provide the information to ACR Teaches.
  • PPE Training:  We are working with DH and the PSTC to arrange these trainings to start in the next 10 days or so.  They will need to be done in small, in person cohort over many days to fit people in.  We will do those of you who are local first.
  • June ICE: ICE will run June 17-19 virtually.  The schedule is not confirmed yet.  We are working closely with the simulation center to develop virtual or tele OSCEs as many other schools are doing.  There will be an Ethics follow up session. You will receive information regarding the brief clinical ethics write up that is due prior to this session.
  • Step 2 CK/CS:  The NBME is working closely with Prometric to attempt to open up more sites.  Please continue to look for availability.  CS still on hold for now.
  • CV Workshop:  If you are able, please try to attend the CV workshop on Monday, May 11th, 1-2pm. We are working on a personal statement workshop for the following week. Please continue to work on your CVs, personal statements and noteworthy characteristics over the next week or two. Your specialty advisors and Dr. Holmes are happy to review any of these-- please email Word copies if you would like these reviewed so your reviewers can use track changes. Once we know the ERAS opening date, we will start scheduling individual meetings with Dr. Holmes regarding the application process.
  • Residency Planning: Please be sure to log in to Texas STAR by next week so that your login link does not expire.


  • Just a few more weeks!  We're excited to celebrate class day with you virtually and are seeking everyone’s input on how to make it as meaningful as possible.  Tina is pulling this together and will be sending details soon.

May 11, 2020


Key updates from the AAMC and The Coalition for Physician Accountability’s Work Group on Medical Students in the Class of 2021 Moving Across Institutions for Post Graduate Training regarding away rotations, residency interviews and ERAS application date that you need to be aware of.

  • Residency Applications: The due date for ERAS application and release of the MSPE has been delayed until Oct 21st.  We are pleased with this decision as it will give you more time to get your necessary clinical experiences, letter of recommendations and Step 2 CK completed.  The Ophthalmology match has also been delayed by a month.  We are awaiting to hear what will happen with the Urology match, Military match and CARMS.
  • Visiting Rotations:   Visiting rotations have been strongly discouraged across the board.  The Coalition is only recommending these for students that cannot obtain the particular rotation locally or need it to fulfill a graduation requirement.  While this is very different from prior years and does take away students’ ability to “show case” themselves as well as better learn about a program they may want to apply to, we feel that the safety needs of the current pandemic warrant this decision.  Fortunately, we are a school that has a broad offering of rotations and residency programs.  We will work individually with students that meet the first criteria above.
  • Interviews: The Coalition is strongly recommending virtual interviews for this coming interview season.  We agree with this recommendation both for safety and financial reasons.  We will help to develop guidance to our students and determine space needs to help you present yourself in the best way possible.

May 4th, 2020


  • Please complete this short survey which will allow the Office of Clinical Education to help plan for any schedule modifications that may need to be made due to Step 1 issues and/or clerkship availability.
  • Step 1:
    • If there is a chance you can find a place that has offerings in late June or very early July – consider scheduling it.  I’m sure we will figure out a way for you to get a day or two off take Step 1 in July if you have already started a clerkship.  Do please avoid June 25 and 26th however as those are essential clerkship orientation days.  Prometric is in the process of cancelling “non-essential” tests which will open up Step 1 options in the coming months and recommends visiting their site frequently to reassess.
    • Be on the lookout for messages from Prometric (check you junk folders) as some students at other schools were cancelled one day and two days later were rescheduled.
    • Don’t count on the NBME allowing alternative means of taking the test (remotely or by Geisel) until after June 31st and hence after the start of Year 3.
    • If you are unable to find a location/time prior to start of Year 3 and don’t have 1st block as elective, the next best time to take it will likely be in December.  If you decide to take it in December, we will work with you individually to avoid clinical responsibilities during the Nov-Dec vacation/elective time.  Those of you with 5 week clerkships ending Nov 11th will have a relatively few academic responsibilities from Nov 12 through Jan 3rd (clerkship orientations on Nov 23 and 24 and ICE on Nov 19 and 20th).  Those of you with 7 week clerkships ending on Nov 17th will have relatively few academic responsibilities from Nov 18 through Jan 3rd – similar exceptions above.
    • We will be able to offer Dr. Eidtson’s metacognition/step 1 study elective to you throughout the year if you have not already taken Step 1.  You can earn 1 credit for 2-3 weeks and 2 credits for 4-5 weeks.   Please contact him directly if you are interested.
    • Taking time to review and consolidate information during “dedicated time” is beneficial for your learning and will make you a better physician.  You are not just binging and purging to study for an exam, you are reviewing and cementing knowledge that will help you care for patients and hopefully provide them with better health… that is why we all started this journey.
  • Clerkships:  Several of our clinical affiliates are starting to target June-July as potential times when they will be able to host students again.  Nothing is definite yet.  There is a high likelihood that not all sites will be able to take students and that earlier clerkships will be impacted and require partial hybrid experiences.  We hope to work with our clinical students to tailor experiences as possible based on your individual interests/schedules.  This will mean making decisions on who may be able to complete clinical time during planned elective months in order to get these important experiences.  Even with this potential disruption, we think that your cohort will have sufficient time to complete electives/subIs/etc for residency application planning purposes.  Fortunately your cohort has about 7-8 additional weeks of elective time ( 3 weeks in Nov-Dec and 5 weeks from ending Year 3 earlier as planned) prior to residency application due date that previous cohorts have not had.  We are committed to working with you to get you the experiences you’ll need.
  • Paperwork:  Please be on the lookout for emails from clerkship coordinators and the Office of Clinical Education regarding paperwork that will be necessary to complete in order to be allowed to rotate clinically at our sites.


  • Clinical return:  Conversations have begun nationally and locally regarding medical student re-integration into the clinical environment.  Only a few schools/hospitals have actually lifted suspensions but most are planning to do so in the coming weeks to months.  We will be able to do so in a site by site fashion in a similar time frame.  Likely DH will come online in the next month and CPMC in June.  As we get the go-aheads to do so, we’ll need to work with you to triage those experiences.  We will be reaching out to you in the coming few weeks to discuss your unique needs based on your current career interests, location and current schedule and do our best to match those needs with projected availability.  It is essential that we get your updated information regarding career interests and Step 2 CK plans.  Please complete this short survey asap:
  • AAMC Guidelines for Return of students:  We will follow the AAMC guidelines regarding the determination of when it is appropriate for students to return to particular sites.  We are connecting with each site to determine the following:  1) Whether local COVID situation is deemed manageable or not; 2) Whether sufficient supply of CDC recommended PPE is available for providers and students; 3) Whether PCR testing is available with 24 hour turn-around time; 4) Whether there is appropriate bandwidth of faculty and residents to provide supervision; 5) Whether there is appropriate mix of patients to meet learning objects.  In terms of housing we anticipate limiting to one student per bedroom initially.  We are investigating what it would cost to provide additional housing at away sites.  As stated before, we will work with our affiliates to assess local stay at home orders and travel restrictions.  No student will be forced to return to clinical activity if they do not feel comfortable.  That said, risk is inherent in our profession and at some point, return to clinical activities will need to occur for everyone.
  • Grade Narratives and MSPE:  The clerkships were impacted by COVID19 will be clearly noted both in the individual grade narratives and on the MSPE.  If the AAMC makes recommendations regarding this, we will follow them.
  • Preparation for residency application:  Given there are inherent uncertainties of upcoming clinical rotations and USMLE test timing, but good certainty that clinical experiences and Step testing will not occur before May 15th, we recommend use of the next few weeks to prepare residency applications. The main things to prepare are the CV, the personal statement, noteworthy characteristics, and letters of recommendation (LORs). A plan of action and available support services are outlined item by item in the email dated Friday, May 1st.
  • As various specialty societies release statements about the upcoming application season, either Dr. Holmes or your specialty advisor will forward these to you. To date, there have been statements from EM, pediatrics, dermatology and OB-GYN--all available here:

April 27th, 2020

All Class Update:

  • Student Activities Fee Refunds: All students should have received a rebate at the amount of ½ your student activity fee to your Geisel accounts.
  • COVID-19 Website: A student centric webpage related to COVID-19 is now live at  Student Affairs will be keeping this updated once per week.
  • COVID-19 Relief Grant Application:This is intended to help students who are experiencing financial difficulty as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and have exhausted other sources of aid.
  • Library Resources: Librarians and library staff are available to help you virtually. Ask questions directly on this form: You can also find online resources anytime, use live chat Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm, or sign up to take a workshop in Zoom on the Biomedical Libraries home page, You can schedule an appointment for a time that is convenient to you, even outside typical business hours. We want to be sure you get the help you need.


  • Coursework: Dr. Lyons continues to work with your faculty to make iterative changes to your remote curriculum. Please continue to reach out to her with questions and concerns.
  • Summer Research: We continue to receive new ideas for remote summer research from our faculty.  Please reach out to Kate Adams in student affairs if you are interested. The deadline for applying for a summer stipend position is April 30th.


  • Electives Sign Up: Elective sign up is not a lottery but rather a first come- first served process.  The majority work by waitlists and some do require contacting coordinators to determine if they will fit your particular schedule.  Electives tend to be rather fluid with things opening up throughout the year as 4th year student schedules change and as availability becomes more clear. The vast majority of your elective experiences will occur during your 4th year. For more details on electives review the email from Dr. Dick on 4/27/20.
  • USMLE Step 1: Prometric is planning to open certain sites on May 1st.  Please check the USMLE site directly for most up to date details.
  • November/December important dates:
    • FM, Psych and OBGYN Shelf exams November 10th 
    • IM, PEDS and SURG Shelf exams November 17th
    • OSCES during the week of November 16-20th (mandatory)
    • Part 2 of ICE during OSCES week on November 19th and 20th (mandatory)
    • Clerkship orientations at DHMC on November 23rd and 24th with clinical service for those clerkships beginning on January 4th
    • You must be enrolled in a credit earning activity from November 30th to December 18th to avoid financial aid and government reporting issues.This is a great time for an elective, although doing a clinical elective is not recommended on Nov 25-27 as this spans Thanksgiving and many clinical services will be lighter.
    • All clinical sites may not be not available at the start of year 3. If this happens we feel it would be best for your academic progress to start on schedule, run a hybrid virtual / clinical clerkship as necessary and consider using elective time, particularly the Nov-Dec time to fit students into the clinical environment where and when possible.  It will not be a one size fits all process and we will all need to be flexible and adaptable to make the best of the situation.


  • Elective Requirements: The MEC has voted to decrease the number of required clinical electives from 12 to 8.  The total number of electives required stays the same at 16. We are hopeful that the addition of multiple new non-clinical electives will make this easy to obtain.
  • Clerkships: Clinical suspension continues through at least May 15th. You will receive a 2-3 week notice before sites open up. We are working with our multitude of sites to determine 1) Mitigation strategies for safety of students, patients and public including availability of PCR testing, contact tracing and ability to quarantine if needed; 2) Appropriate bandwidth for clinical oversight/teaching and 3) Sufficient patient/procedure load to warrant return. We are taking state stay at home orders into consideration as well as housing and travel needs.  We will continue with virtual learning for now and plan to make up the necessary missed clinical time when sites open.  We will consider student location and career needs as we plan the return.
  • SubIs/Aways/Electives: We will work with you to determine schedules and possibilities once we have a better understanding of when clinical rotations will open. We expect that Year 4 away opportunities will be very limited this coming academic year.
  • Step 2 CK and CS: Continue to monitor the USLME site for most up to date notifications.  Prometric plans to open on May 1st in certain locations. It is very likely that CS will be delayed dramatically. Geisel is joining other schools to discuss the feasibility and practicality of this Step with the NBME.


  • Neuro/AAM: Those of you with Neuro and AAM remaining will do these virtually.  They are required to graduate and to provide you with virtual and remote experiences to achieve their learning objectives.
  • Class Day: We continue to work with Student Affairs and Student Government to craft this special day. Our invited speaker has confirmed his participation for which we are grateful and excited.
  • Internship Starts:  No delayed starts reported yet. Be in close contact with your programs regarding housing questions, schedules, travel recommendations and necessary paperwork.  Each program and state have their own special needs.
  • ACLS/PALS: You will receive funding to cover future ACLS/PALS costs as we were not able to deliver this module during your capstone.  Please update your mailing address asap.


As of April 19th, 2020


Summer research: If you had a summer research opportunity planned already, or were in the final stage of planning this, please reach out to your summer sponsor. Many projects can be adjusted to accommodate remote work, while others cannot. It is also hard to say now how much research may be able to occur in person versus remotely.  Given the uncertainty, alternate plans for a remote experience should be in place.

If your summer plans cannot be adjusted to a remote experience, we are in the process of gathering research sponsorships from Geisel faculty. The Geisel faculty really want to help you! Please refer to the email dated April 20th for details opportunities and details.


Planning for Year 2:  We hope for an in-person start date on August 17th as planned but do have contingency plans including remote and / or hybrid courses should full resumption of in person classes have restrictions. We expect it will be several more months before we feel comfortable having 90 students in a lecture hall or lab.  Decisions about the start of year 2 will be made separately from the decision on the college’s summer term.

Lottery:  We kicked off the grid round this weekend.  You will find out your grid assignments tomorrow and then start your general surgery selection.  We will be giving detailed instructions along the way.  Please reach out as questions come up.  Although I gave recommendations for preferable schedules last week, please know that some of you will not end up with your top choices.  There is not enough flexibility in the system to allow for that, thus the need for a lottery.  Remember to try to relax, as all grids will get you the core 6 clerkships required in Year 3 and it’s possible to apply into any field regardless of schedule.  Yes, even if you want to go into Ortho and get Surgery block last or want EM and don’t end up with the right elective block.


Sub-i's:  There is not yet any national decision on what will happen with visiting rotations this year. However, given the need for all medical schools to "catch up" their students, it is likely that most schools will have capacity issues that will preclude them from accepting students from other schools. While we do not yet know how this will unfold, we have asked our Geisel departments to create multiple sub-internships for you here, should your away rotations be cancelled.  For example, a student applying in urology might complete a pediatric urology sub-I, a female urology sub-i, and a urological oncology sub-I all at DHMC. More to come. Dr. Campbell Levy, 4th year curriculum director, is leading this effort.

We will let you know if the ERAS and MSPE dates have been extended as soon as we know.


Neuro/AAM:  You will be expected to complete both of these clerkships virtually.  Both clerkships have developed remote learning schedules and will be reviewing your prior documented essential skills and conditions to assure that you meet the course learning objectives.

Virtual Class Day:  Meetings are on ongoing about format.  I’m looking forward to announcing you to the world as MDs!  You will be invited to attend class day in June 2021 for an in-person celebration as well.

Moving:  If you have not yet heard from your residency program coordinator about how to approach moving to your new location, please reach out now. This will be the best person to help you figure out how to arrange housing from afar and local quarantine requirements prior to your start date. Dr. Holmes is also available to talk through moving logistics. Moving during this pandemic not at all easy, so talking it over may be helpful.


Career Advising

  • Your coaches, academic and specialty advisors, and Dr. Holmes, Dr. Lyons and Dr. Dick are available as always by email, or for phone or zoom appointment. If the issue is more than a straightforward email exchange, please schedule a time. Appointments with Dr. Holmes are through and with Dr. Dick are through
  • Residency Application: The timeline has not changed however there is a group that is petitioning ERAS/NRMP to consider delaying the process by a month or two given the expected national delay in students’ ability to complete Sub-Is and Step exams.
  • The AAMC has created a new site Specialty Response to COVID-19 to share specialty specific information related to this pandemic.


DHMC Access Information

  • Call rooms at DHMC: The call rooms at DHMC have been reassigned to DHMC respiratory personnel assigned to airway protection for COVID 19 patients until further notice. Geisel Students should not be occupying this space for any reason at this time.
  • DHMC Campus Entrances: All personnel, including Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students who work at our DHMC campus must use one of the following entrances so that they can be screened: North, East, Main, Cancer Center, Parking Garage, Borwell bridge.  Card access will still work at the other doors as this transition is made but they will have employees and signs encouraging people to use the above entrances in an effort to make sure that everyone who comes in has been screened.
  • The Student Lounge and fitness area at DHMC are no longer accessible.  If students need to access mailboxes or the locker room, please contact Alison and Maghan to make an appointment.
  • Unless you have a specific reason to be there, you should not be entering DHMC.

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Medical Education and USMLE National Overview

  • 5/1/20: Prometric, the testing centers the NBME contracts with to administer its Step1, Step 2 CK and Step 3 exams, has needed to randomly cancel many medical students who had previously scheduled to take exams in May and June to allow for physical distancing at their sites that plan to open.  We will work with you to the extent possible to adjust schedules to accommodate.  The NBME is exploring alternative testing sites, including allowing schools to administer the exams locally.  We join other schools in supporting this option.
  • 4/27/20: Prometric is planning to open certain sites on May 1st.  Please check the USMLE site directly for most up to date details.
  • Medical schools nationally have gone online for pre-clinical, on doctoring, and have suspended clinical rotations.
  • The NBME suspended Step exams and shelf exams across the board. They are working hard on remote and catch-up options.  Please check here for updates:
  • All schools are working on adjusting exam policies.
  • Step 2 CS/CK:  These are on hold for now as well.  Use any downtime that you have to review for these exams (First Aid for Step 2 CS is the best resource and UWorld questions are a great practice tool for CK).  We still hope that you are able to take these by Nov. of this year if possible. Please check here for updates:
  • The NBME will NOT be making Step 1 Pass/Fail any earlier than they had previously announced.  They don’t plan this transition until January 1, 2022 at the earliest.  As previously emailed, you are no longer required to take Step 1 prior to the start of year 3 but must take it prior to June 15th


Volunteer Opportunities to Support the Pandemic Response

  • Non-Clinical Volunteering at DHMC – this is currently focused mostly on onsite supply runners but is fluid and will reflect the institution’s changing needs. Contact Taryn Weinstein.
  • Remote Volunteer Opportunities for DHMC - supporting Telehealth visits, follow-up calls, and check-in calls to high risk or isolated patients. Again, this is fluid and will reflect current areas of priority. Contact Taryn Weinstein.
  • Childcare Cooperative for Healthcare Workers – provide in home childcare for healthcare workers in the Upper Valley and select cities. Click for sign up form.
  • DHMC PPE Donation Collection – remotely contact local businesses and organizations to secure donations of PPE for DHMC and deliver to the hospital. Contact David Brown or Kira Gressman.
  • Virtual Academic Support for Local Middle School Schools – provide academic support to students who are learning remotely. Contact Maura Dore or Prianca Tawde.
  • National Student Response Network - NSRN’s goal is to create a database of health professions students and connect them with local community-based hospitals and state/county public health departments. Some examples include delivering groceries/childcare for overworked healthcare workers in their community and aiding in capacity/infrastructure building. Contact Grace Solomon or Trenika Williams.
  • Virtual Advanced Care Planning - help update and/or complete advance directives and POLST on Long Term Care Residents during the Covid 19 pandemic. (done remotely). Contact and
  • COVID Alliance SST New Hampshire Campaign – Remote: volunteer with long term care facilities throughout New Hampshire. This work is being coordinated with the office of Senator Tom Sherman MD. if interested, please contact Shawn O’Leary or Daniel Curtis at for additional information.

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