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About Us

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive medical care to migrant farm workers in the diary and agri-business in the Upper Valley in a culturally and linguistically sensitive manner, with the intention of improving their quality of life and dissolving healthcare disparities in this population. To increase awareness and agency of future physicians in issues surrounding migrant health in the United States.

Our Story

We are a student-run project working with Dr. Stephen Genereaux, a Vermont family physician, farmer and educator at Geisel, to provide medical screening and care to migrant workers in New Hampshire and Vermont. Project Salud began as a Schweitzer Fellowship in 2010 established and run by Holly Schroeder and Karl Dietrich, two Geisel alumni physicians. In June 2015, we launched MOLAARS, the Migrant Oral Lifestyle Advocacy and Advancement Resource Service, in collaboration with the Dartmouth CO-OP Research Network.

Current Initiatives

Mobile clinic: We provide medical and mental health screening, administer flu shots, and make clinic referrals during our biannual mobile clinic at six farms. We are working to expand our mobile clinic services to other farms in the Upper Valley. We are excited to get an EMR up and running for mobile clinics this year!

MOLAARS: We provide biannual dental cleaning and screening visits at six dairy farms.

Medical interpretation: We provide interpreters for appointments at Little Rivers Health Clinic. We are working to expand interpretation services to Good Neighbor Health Clinic.

Mental health project: We are working to identify mental health needs of this population through focus groups with farm workers, surveys, and PHQ screening. We provide referrals for mental health counseling. We organize biannual soccer games with farm workers to build community across farms. We are collaborating with Dartmouth undergraduate professors Douglas Moody and Israel Reyes in LILACS (Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies) program to pilot English instruction to interested farm workers.

Research: We conduct ongoing quality improvement, dental health, and mental health research.

Community education: We are working to increase awareness of migrant health issues through speakers and events on Dartmouth campus.