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Rural Health Data

A National Rural Health Snapshot

Percentage of USA Population19.3%80.7%
Number of physicians per 10,000 people13.131.2
Number of specialists per 100,000 people30263
Population aged 65 and older18%12%
Average per capita income$45,482$53,657
Non-Hispanic white population69-82%45%
Adults who describe health status as fair/poor19.5%15.6%
Adolescents who smoke11%5%
Male life expectancy in years76.274.1
Female life expectancy81.379.7
Percentage of dual-eligible Medicare beneficiaries30%70%
Medicare beneficiaries without drug coverage43%27%
Percentage covered by Medicaid16%13%
Medicare beneficiaries without drug coverage45%31%
Percentage of poor covered by Medicaid45%49%