Health Data Science Internship

The QBS Masters Program offers students the opportunity to complete an internship to satisfy Capstone Course requirements. It is a culminating experience incorporating all aspects of statistical data science: 1) conception of problem to solve; 2) extraction, merging and construction of analyzable data set (data wrangling); 3) exploratory statistics using principles of data visualization; 4) statistical analysis and/or machine learning; 5) evaluation or validation of analytical methods; and 6) communication of the results, written, verbal and visually. Preparation for the Capstone project and internship placement begins in the Fall and culminates in a written case report and oral presentation at the end of the summer term.


Internships should provide students with meaningful projects that highlight core skill sets and competencies within statistical data science. We seek a collaborative relationship with partners, working together in the Fall during the Recruitment process to establish placements, while utilizing the remaining Winter and Spring terms to identify potential projects, conduct company & market analysis, and narrow applicable conceptual models that might be appropriate for the questions partners want our students to help assess.


Fall Internship Placement
Winter Identification of project(s) & objectives
Spring Finalize internship logistical details, projects, & responsibilities
Summer Internship: Application of statistical data science core competencies to company data and contextual information; submission of written case report & oral presentation

Corporate Internship Partners

Our Corporate Internship Partners (CIPs) collaborate with QBS students to offer the following: projects in applied data science and quantitative training, real-time scope of the challenges and questions in companies/markets of interest, and access to professional development. CIPs partners agree to:

  • Provide an internship experience for at least 10 weeks from June to August- paid or unpaid
    • Pay rate is at the discretion of the employer
    • Housing or transportation support is not required
  • Work diligently with QBS students and course directors to define company needs/objectives & identify data science projects
  • Define the details and responsibilities of projects at least two months before the start of the internship
  • Ensure necessary access to data is available once the student is onsite
  • Provide mentor-ships and direction once the student is onsite
  • Participate in feedback mechanisms designed to evaluate: student performance, QBS training, and your organization's level of satisfaction with the partnership
  • Participation in our Recruitment Program is not necessary but is strongly preferred.
  • Communicate annually to indicate if there will be internship or career placement opportunities for QBS students. Note: There is no commitment to employ QBS students each year.

If you are interested in becoming a CIP, please contact