QBS 270 (Spring): Bioinformatics Journal Club

Course Directors (Spring): Dr. Nicholas Jacobson & Dr. Alfredo Tirado-Ramos

  • Course description: The critical analysis and communication of experimental research in both written and oral formats is an essential element of scientific training. Students in the spring QBS journal club will select nine recent digital medicine and biomedical informatics papers from a set of approved journals. Starting the second week of the term, students will read one of the selected papers per week and submit a short written summary (1-2 pages) that covers the paper motivation, approach, results, strengths and weaknesses. During class, two students will each give a 45-minute presentation (40 min. of presentation with 5 min. for questions) on their papers (students will present twice during the term). In addition to reading and summarizing their selected paper for the week, all students are expected to review the two presented papers prior to class. Time permitting, additional topics for group discussion related to publishing your own research will include journal selection, impact factors, the peer review process, and authorship criteria.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Coursework: N/A.
    • Programming: N/A.