QBS 270 (Winter): Biostatistics Journal Club

Course Director: Dr. Jiang Gui

  • Course description: This is a half credit hour course that discusses new findings and applications in biostatistics and data science. The goal of the course is to develop critical thinking in biostatistical methodology. Starting the second week of the term, students will present two related paper with an emphasis on biostatical method and the rest of the class will submit a short written summary (1-2 pages) that covers the paper motivation, approach, results, strengths and weaknesses. During class, student will give 35-minute presentation on their papers with 10 min class discussion. In addition to reading and summarizing their selected paper for the week, all students are expected review the two presented papers prior to class in order to participant in the discussion.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Dartmouth Coursework: N/A
    • Programming: N/A.