QBS 187: QBS PhD Student Internship

Course Director: Arranged

  • Course description: PhD students pursuing an internship after the Spring term of their second year will need to register for this course. This course seeks to provide opportunities for field experience and additional training to strengthen understanding of core concepts of our academic curriculum and prepare students for career placement. Qualifying Exam completion is a prerequisite to enroll in this course. Must be in good academic standing to be eligible. Enrollment in this course should not impact the time towards completion of your PhD. Internship enrollment is not an appropriate reason to extend PhD completion beyond 5 years. Students can continue to engage in research during this internship but agreement to do so must be arranged with your primary PI(s). Enrollment in this course is limited to 2 times/2 terms. This course is worth 3 Units. This course is only available to QBS PhD students. Please email Dr. Kristine Giffin for more information. If a visa holder and registering for CPT, please note that the start and end dates of the internship must strictly coincide with start and end dates of the chosen term(s).
  • Prerequisites:
    • Coursework: N/A.
    • Programming: N/A.