QBS 185: Health Data Science Capstone Experience

Course Directors: Dr. Jennifer A. Emond & Dr. Aurora Drew

Only open to Masters students that have declared Health Data Science as their concentration.

  • Course description:The goal of the capstone is to enable students to refine their data science skills as they work on a real-world, applied data science project. The capstone also provides training in critical professional skills including scientific writing, presentation skills, and translating a data science project to key stakeholders who may not be data scientists. Preparation for the capstone project begins in August of the first year and culminates in a written white paper and oral presentation at the end of the summer term, and a poster presentation of their completed capstone work at the Celebration of Biomedical Research at Dartmouth (CBRaD) held in the fall of the second year.  Students are required to attend seminars, workshops, and small group meetings and are accountable for deliverables throughout the year-long course.Students will have the following choices for the capstone experience:
    1. Course-based student-led project: Residence Required at Dartmouth
    2. Individual Project with Dartmouth researcher: Residence Required at Dartmouth
    3. A project-based external experience (e.g., an internship): Residence NOT required at Dartmouth. Internships with a company or other academic institution are allowed.

    Students will work on their capstone full-time (3 units) during the summer term, whether in residence at Dartmouth or at an external company/institution.

    Capstone offered during Summer or Winter term. Full Tuition & Fees apply.

  • Prerequisites:
    • Coursework: All courses for the Health Data Science Concentration
    • Programming: R & Python

**International Students enrolled in QBS 185 are eligible to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to meet coursework requirements.

** Students can be paid or unpaid for external experiences. QBS Tuition & Fees still apply.