QBS 184: Epidemiology Capstone

Course Director: Dr. Jeremiah Brown

Only open to Masters students that have declared Epidemiology as their concentration

  • Course description: The capstone project is among the most independent and self-directed learning activities in the MPH and MS programs. The main purpose of this course is to support and promote your timely progress towards a successful outcome for the culminating experience we call the Capstone. Each week the class will meet briefly as a large group, followed by smaller group meetings to address the process and content of your specific project. Students will work on their capstone full-time during the summer term, whether in residence at Dartmouth or at an external company/institution. Students will have the following choices for the capstone experience:
    1. Individual Project with Dartmouth PI: Residence Required at Dartmouth
    2. External Experience with coursework*: Residence NOT required at Dartmouth.
      • External Internships with a company or another academic institution is allowed.
      • Requires weekly deliverables and project updates with Capstone Course Director.
      • Final project paper and faculty presentation apply.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Coursework: All courses for the Health Data Science Concentration
    • Programming: R

*International Students enrolled in QBS 184 are eligible to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to meet coursework requirements.

*Students can be paid or unpaid for external experiences. QBS Tuition & Fees still apply.