QBS 175/COSC 175: Foundations of Bioinformatics II

Course Director: Dr. Chris Bailey-Kellogg

  • Course description: Computation is vital for modern molecular biology, helping scientists to model, predict the behaviors of, and control the molecular machinery of the cell. This course will study algorithmic challenges in analyzing biomolecular sequences (what genes encode an organism, and how are genes related across organisms?), structures (what do the proteins constructed for these genes look like, and what does that tell us about their mechanisms?), and functions (what do these things do, and how do they interact with each other in doing it?). The course is application-driven, but focused on the underlying algorithms and information processing techniques, employing approaches from search, optimization, pattern recognition, and so forth. The course will meet for 3 hours per week.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Coursework: QBS 146.
    • Programming: Intermediate proficiency in Python. To obtain the full benefit from QBS175 you should have a background in computing equivalent to CS 10. At a minimum, you should be at a level commensurate with CS1. QBS helps to enable your preparedness through a programming bootcamp in Python. However, if QBS175 is a key course for your studies and you are concerned about your background, you are strongly advised to consider taking CS1 and/or CS10. You may also find CS30 helpful for this course.