QBS 135/PH 125: Qualitative Methods Toolbox (Elective Short Course)

Course Directors: Dr. Meghan Longacre & Dr. Elizabeth Carpenter-Song

  • Course description: This short course will introduce students to the use of qualitative research methods in public health. Students will learn about qualitative research as both a stand-alone method and as a complement to quantitative research. The course covers basic principles of qualitative research design and data collection, including developing a qualitative research question and formulating a purposive sampling strategy. Students will gain experience with conducting semi-structured interviews, and will learn when to select interviews, focus groups, or observational techniques as a data collection method based on different types of research questions. Student will also practice steps in the data reduction and analysis process, including coding (by hand and using computer-based software), thematic analysis, and qualitative data display.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Coursework: N/A.
    • Programming: N/A.