QBS 130/BIOL 072: Foundations of Epidemiology I: Theory and Methods

Course Director: Dr. Diane Gilbert-Diamond

  • Course description: This is the first of a two course sequence of graduate level epidemiology (Foundations of Epidemiology I and II). The two courses are designed to teach the underlying theory of epidemiologic study designs and analysis and prepare students for conduct of epidemiology research. Design of investigations seeking to understand the cause of human disease, disease progression, treatment and screening methods include clinical trials, cohort studies, case-cohort, case-case, nested case-control and case-control designs. Concepts of incidence rates, attributable rate and relative rate, induction and latent periods of disease occurrence, confounding, effect modification, misclassification, and causal inference will be covered in depth.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Dartmouth Coursework: None for graduates, Biol 029 for undergraduates
    • Programming: N/A.