QBS 100: Molecular Basis of Human Health and Disease

Course Director: Dr. Kristine Giffin

  • Course description: This course is designed to solidify key cellular, molecular, and genetic concepts in the biology of human health and disease for students who enter the QBS program with limited biology backgrounds. Students in this course will cover fundamental molecular human biology and genetics so students can better understand pathogenesis and human disease. They will become familiar with the modern tools and technologies to study disease in model systems and human populations. Topics include Cell Structure & Function, Cell Adaptation, Injury, & Death, DNA Structure & Information storage, DNA Replication, Transcription, & Translation, Post-translational Modification (PTMS) and signaling, Cellular Reproduction, The Cell Cycle, Basic Human Genetics, and examples of major disease outcomes such as cancer.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Coursework: PhD students may test out of this course or submit the appropriate paperwork that validates satisfactory completion of a comparable graduate level biology course.
    • Programming: N/A.