Master of Science in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences – Health Data Science Concentration

Dartmouth’s Master of Science degree in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (QBS) trains highly qualified students to manage and analyze health science data that impacts public health and the future of biomedical science.

The Health Data Science concentration provides an unmatched interdisciplinary education in the areas of data wrangling, exploratory data analysis, statistical modeling, machine learning, and data visualization for careers in big data, health care, and biomedicine in academia and the private sector.

Health Data Science concentration requirements

Dartmouth’s Qualitative Biomedical Sciences degree challenges students to think critically across a wide range of courses that build an unparalleled knowledge base in Health Data Science.

Student take a combination of core courses, with an optional capstone, and electives courses, completing their Master of Science degree in 12-15 months.

Core coursework

The core coursework of the QBS master’s degree with a concentration in Health Data Science covers 11 required units that build a firm foundation in this essential field.

The Health Data Science curriculum also includes an optional 3-unit capstone that challenges QBS students to refine their data science skills while working on a real-world applied data project. Beyond showcasing technical knowledge, the capstone experience also provides the training in critical skills needed for professional success, such as scientific writing, presentation skills, and the ability to translate data science findings to non-data science stakeholders.

Explore the required core courses for the QBS Health Data Science concentration.

Elective courses

Through the Health Data Science elective course options, QBS students can dive deeper into advanced concepts such as applied epidemiology, biostatistics, machine learning, molecular biology, and health communications.

View the list of Health Data Science elective courses.

QBS degree timeline

MS degree timeline 2022-2023

4+1 program

QBS offers a 4+1 option to Dartmouth undergraduates, allowing students to complete their Master's degree in 12 months (1 year) after earning their Dartmouth undergraduate degree (4 years).

Learn more about this accelerated Master's degree option.

Lead the future of Health Data Science

Dartmouth’s Master of Science degree in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences with concentration in Health Data Science positions students to be biomedical data scientists that are at the forefront of innovative solutions to the health care industry’s greatest challenges.

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