4+1 Program

It is the long-standing policy of Dartmouth College to actively support equality of opportunity for all persons regardless of race or ethnic background, and no student will be denied admission or be otherwise discriminated against because of race, color, gender, religion, age, national or ethnic origin. There is no quota for the number of international students we enroll each year. Education at Dartmouth thrives in a unique rural community of students and faculty who value differences and promote camaraderie and teamwork in order to learn from one another. The QBS Program strongly encourages applications from students of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The varied experience and interests they bring strengthen the Program and enriches the educational environment for all. A number of opportunities are also available for minority students through various programs and the office of the Director of Graduate Recruiting and Diversity in the Graduate Studies Office at Dartmouth College.

General Information

QBS is offering a 4+1 option to Dartmouth Undergraduates allowing students to successfully complete a maximum of three graduate level courses which count toward the QBS Masters in Epidemiology, Health Data Science, or Medical Informatics. The 4+1 option is designed for completion in 12 months (1 year) post Dartmouth undergrad graduation (4 years). Graduate level courses in the Basic/Life sciences, Math, Computer Science, Engineering, Psychological & Brain Sciences, and Physics & Astronomy qualify for the 4+1 Program.

QBS also offers cross listed courses available to undergraduates:

  • QBS 130/BIOL 72: Foundations of Epidemiology I
  • QBS 131/BIOL 73: Foundations of Epidemiology II
  • QBS 177/MATH 177: Algorithms for Data Science
  • QBS 147/BIOL 47: Genomics from Data to Analysis
  • QBS 175/COCS 75: Foundations of Bioinformatics II
  • QBS 181/QSS 30.09: Data Wrangling


Submit a Graduate School application your senior year for intended matriculation into the QBS Masters Program the following academic Fall:
Click Here.

  • Dartmouth Graduate level courses do not need to be complete before application submission but should be complete by the end of senior Spring.
  • Application fees are automatically waived

GRE score submission is waived for all 4+1 Dartmouth undergraduate applicants.


Please email Shaniqua.A.Jones@dartmouth.edu.

Financial Information

Please see Tuition & Aid