4+1 Program

QBS is offering a 4+1 option to Dartmouth Undergraduates allowing students to successfully complete a maximum of three graduate level courses which count toward the QBS Masters in Epidemiology or Health Data Science. The 4+1 option is designed for completion in 12 months (1 year) post Dartmouth undergrad graduation (4 years). Graduate level courses in the Basic/Life sciences, Math, Computer Science, Engineering, Psychological & Brain Sciences, and Physics & Astronomy qualify for the 4+1 Program.

QBS also offers cross listed courses available to undergraduates:

  • QBS 130/BIOL 72: Foundations of Epidemiology I
  • QBS 131/BIOL 73: Foundations of Epidemiology II
  • QBS 177/MATH 177: Algorithms for Data Science
  • QBS 147/BIOL 47: Genomics from Data to Analysis
  • QBS 175/COCS 75: Foundations of Bioinformatics II



Submit a Graduate School application your senior year for intended matriculation into the QBS Masters Program the following academic Fall. Applications for Academic Year 2019-2020 are now open: Apply Here.

Admissions Requirements Apply

  • Dartmouth Graduate level courses do not need to be complete before application submission but should be complete by the end of senior Spring.

GRE score submission is waived for all 4+1 Dartmouth undergraduate applicants.



Please email Shaniqua.A.Jones@dartmouth.edu.