Health Data Science or Epidemiology - Current Students

Standard Program: 15 Months (5 Terms) In Residence

4+1 Program: 12 Months (4 Terms) In Residence (Dartmouth Undergrads Only)

 Academic Year: 2019 -2020
Dartmouth Tuition Rate Per Term QBS MS Degree Program:  Cost to Students Per Term1
Standard Program: 5 terms
Fall 2019 $18,535 $15,535
Winter 2019 $18,535 $15,535
Spring 2019 $18,535 $15,535
Summer 20202 $19,257 $16,257
Fall 20202 $19,257 $16,257
Total Tuition:
4+1 Program: 4 terms (Dartmouth Undergrads Only)
Fall 2019 $18,535 $15,535
Winter 2019 $18,535 $15,535
Spring 2019 $18,535 $15,535
Summer 20202 $19,257 $16,257
Total Tuition: $74,862


Additional Fees (2019-2020):

Student Health Insurance $3,248/yr
Health Access Fee $94/term
International Processing Fee $98/term
Document Fee $50/yr
Activity Fee $60/yr


Academic Year: Starts Fall term (September) syncing with the Dartmouth quarter system calendar. The MS Program runs contiguous from the Fall of the first year through the Fall of the second year, including Summer term.

1Tuition Discount: Reflects an automatic institutional scholarship of $3,000 per term over the course of 5 terms for the Standard Program and $3,000 per term over the course of 4 terms for the 4+1 Program.

2Tuition Rates: Tuition for 2020-2021 will be set in March 2020.

Full Time StatusStudents must take the equivalent of at least 3 units to be considered full time.

Residential Requirement: Students must be on campus for all coursework.

Health Insurance Coverage through Dartmouth may be waived in support of other comparable insurance. For online waiver form & instructions, click here.

Financial Aid

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