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QBS 128/ PH 126: Statistical Measurement and Analysis in Quality Improvement

Course Director: Dr. Brant Oliver

  • Course description: This course explores the history, theory, and application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) in health care improvement. Topics include development of measures; data collection; graphical display of data; the selection and generation of SPC analyses for continuous measures, proportions, counts and rare events; for both longitudinal and cross-sectional analyses. Benchmarking, organizational approaches, and multicenter collaborative approaches to improvement measurement are discussed and research study designs for improvement and implementation science are explored. The course emphasizes application of theories and principles through the use of case studies based on ongoing work in the field, individual and small group exercises and interactive discussions with guest presenters. Individual lab exercises, a small group project and an in class final exam are required elements of the course.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Coursework: Prerequisites: PH 110, 139, 140, QBS142/ PH 117; Permission of Instructor
    • Programming: