Research Rotations

Research rotations will offer a brief introduction to specific aspects of research, provide the student with a general appreciation of various research areas and approaches and assist in the choice of a thesis laboratory. The purpose of the research rotations is to allow the student to obtain elementary training in a variety of laboratory techniques and methods.

During their first year in the program, graduate students are required to do three research rotations in the laboratories of three different Program faculty members. The rotations will be assigned by the PEMM Admissions Committee, whose membership includes the track directors and other representatives from each of the track groups. The Admissions Committee will take into consideration the preferences of the students and availability of working space and resources of the faculty laboratories. The first rotation will begin in September and will be assigned from a list of three faculty members to be submitted by the student. Each rotation will be of a term's duration (i.e. approximately three months, covering the periods Sept-Dec, Dec-Mar, Mar-May).

Cross-program rotations: It is expected that the majority of rotation choices will be made from the PEMM training faculty. However, PEMM students will have an option to conduct their second or third rotation with training faculty in other graduate programs at Dartmouth if they wish.