Elective PEMM courses by term

Fall Term

PEMM 133. Pharmacology of Drug Design

Winter Term

PEMM 123. Graduate Toxicology

Spring Term

PEMM 126. Cancer Biology

PEMM 131. Current Approaches in Experimental Therapeutics

PEMM 132. Clinical Management of Cancer

PEMM 211. Neurobiology of Disease

PEMM 271. Advanced Biomedical Sciences

PEMM 275. Vascular Biology

Summer Term

PEMM 212. Neurosciences II

Courses Offered as Requested or Infrequently

PEMM 113. Special Topics in Advanced Physiology
Offered as requested.

PEMM 150. Neurosciences I: Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
Offered as requested.

Other suggested electives for PEMM students by subject

BIOC 112. Metabolic Basis of Disease (DMS1)

BIOC 132. Inorganic Biochemistry (Identical to CHEM 132)

BIOL 125. The Nature and Practice of Science (Transcript Elective)

BIOL 165. Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes

BIOL 171. Current Topics in Cell Biology

BIOL 173. Cell Signalling

BIOL 176. Advanced Genetics
Offered on a turorial basis to qualified students.

CHEM 131. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: Catalysis

ENGG 166. Quantitative Human Physiology

ENGS 170. Neuroengineering

GENE 118. Advanced Topics in Genetics and Molecular Genetics (Identical to Bioc 118)

GENE 142. Genetics and Physiology of Behavior

GENE 146. Molecular and Computational Genomics

GENE 147. Animal Development and Human Disease

MICR 142. Advanced Cellular and Molecular Immunology

MICR 145. Human Genetics

MICR 146. Immunotherapy

MICR 148. Advanced Molecular Pathogenesis

MICR 149. Microbial Physiology and Metabolism

MICR 167. The Biology of Fungi and Parasites that Cause Disease

MDED 115. Medical Neuroscience
On Geisel calendar -- offered in term III (mid-March until beginning of June)

PSYC 40. Introduction to Computational Neuroscience