Research Facilities

The laboratories at Dartmouth are state-of-the-art and well equipped. In addition to the College and Medical School laboratories located on the Hanover campus, the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center constructed a campus on 225 acres in Lebanon, New Hampshire, about 2 miles from the Hanover campus. The facility has fully integrated patient care, medical education, and research activities and is one of the few entirely new medical centers in the country. In addition to standard modern instrumentation available in individual laboratories, core facilities are maintained that include specialized equipment such as electron microscopes, automatic protein and DNA sequencers, tissue culture and hybridoma facilities, fluorescence-activated cell sorter, confocal image analysis, deoxyoligonucleotide synthesizer, peptide synthesizer, DNA microarrayer and scanner, DNA chip reader, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, and equipment for state-of-the-art genomic and proteomic analyses.

The Dana Biomedical Library houses a complete collection of journals in the biomedical sciences. Dartmouth is known for its outstanding Computation Center, which develops and licenses cutting-edge software and offers both regular and short courses and terminals that are readily accessible throughout the Medical School and the College, including all of the laboratories. The facility provides e-mail service, literature and database searching, extensive electronic journal access, and other network facilities.

Also, in 2015 the Williamson Translation Research Building is scheduled to open! It will offer many new resources to PEMM.