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Keith Loud, MD, MSc, Chair, Department of Pediatrics, CHaD Physician-in-Chief 

The Department of Pediatrics Includes the following sections:

General Academic Pediatrics: Susanne Tanski, MD, MPH, Vice Chair for General Academic Pediatrics
Pediatric Cardiology: Norman Berman, MD, Acting Section Chief
Pediatric Endocrinology: Nancy Charest, MD, Section Chief
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology: Julie Kim, MD, PhD, Section Chief
Pediatric Gastroenterology: Amer Al-Nimr, MD, Section Chief
Allergy and Clinical Immunology: Karen Hsu Blatman, MD, Section Chief
Pediatric Pulmonology: Brian O’Sullivan, MD, Section Chief
Pediatric Neurology: Richard Morse, MD, Section Chief
Pediatric Critical Care: Matthew Braga, MD, MS, Section Chief
Genetics and Child Development: Mary Beth Dinulos, MD, Section Chief
Child Advocacy and Protection Program: Resmiye Oral, MD, Medical Director
Neonatology: Steven Ringer, MD, PhD, Section Chief
Pediatric Hospital Medicine: Samantha House, DO, Section Chief
Pediatric Nephrology: Matthew Hand, DO, Section Chief

Faculty Roster:

Who's who Department Educational Leadership

Catherine Shubkin, MD, Vice Chair for Education

Pediatric Clerkship:
Marc Hofley, MD, Co-Director, Pediatric Clerkship
Frances Lim-Liberty, MD, Co-Director, Pediatric Clerkship
Jacqueline Garran, Pediatric Clinical Education Coordinator

Pediatric Residency Program:
Carol Lynn O'Dea, MD, Pediatric Residency Program Director
Samantha House, DO, Director of Resident Scholarly Activity
Darcy Wolcott, DO, Associate Director of Pediatric Residency Program
Meaghan Williams, Pediatric Residency Coordinator

Neonatal Fellowship Program:
Carol Lynn O'Dea, MD, Neonatal Fellowship Director
Elaine Danyew, Neonatal Fellowship Coordinator

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