Guidelines for Schools and Departments Placing Ads That May Be Used for Permanent Residence Sponsorship of Foreign Nationals

To take advantage of the expedited labor certification "Special Handling" process for professors, instructors and lecturers at post-secondary educational institutions, Dartmouth must submit the labor certification application on behalf of a foreign national within 18 months of the date of selection, which is usually the date of the offer letter.  Department of Labor oversees the Special Handling process, and requires that sponsoring institutions demonstrate the foreign national was hired via a competitive recruitment and selection process.  As part of the materials needed in support of the application, Dartmouth must document that at least one advertisement was placed in a national professional journal.

Checklist for the advertisement to ensure compliance with Department of Labor requirements:

  1. Print advertisement in national journal for teaching position. Evidence includes the tearsheet of the ad containing the name and date of the publication.  If electronic advertisement, must be posted for at least 30 calendar days on the journal's website.  Evidence of electronic ad should include print-outs of journal's website on first and last day of 30-day posting period.
  2. Save copies of all ads and all invoices.
  3. The ad must contain the following information:
    1. Job title
    2. Teaching duties
    3. Requirements
    4. Work location
    5. Employer name
    6. Specific address to send applications
  4. If you may be hiring more than one person, put "Multiple Positions Available" in the ad.
  5. Include "classroom teaching" in the ad.
  6. Make sure that the stated minimum requirements for the ad are actual, real requirements, and that you would not hire someone with less than those requirements. For example, if a job for an Assistant Professor requires a Ph.D., but you would hire someone who is ABD, put Ph.D. or ABD in the ad.  For Special Handling, the foreign national must have been able to meet all of the job requirements stated in the ad at the time of selection.
  7. Avoid using the word "preferred." The Department of Labor treats preferred requirements as actual requirements.
  8. Keep copies of all resumes submitted and all affirmative action paperwork, as well as an internal account of which candidates were interviewed, and reasons for rejection. The application must include a selection committee report, a recruitment summary, and a statement of qualifications of the selected foreign national candidate.