Geisel Policy on Payment of Lawful Permanent Residence (LPR) Sponsorship Expenses

Tenure-track/Tenure Line Faculty

Successful candidates for positions in the Tenure-track/Tenure Faculty Line at the Geisel School of Medicine (employed at Dartmouth College) may require financial assistance with obtaining U.S. lawful permanent residence (green card or LPR status). For such candidates, support is available from institutional funds (subvention, department reserves, Faculty Research and Innovation Accounts (FRIAs), or Program Development Funds (PDFs)) with the approval of the recruiting department chair and the Dean, and may be used for payment of attorney and government filing fees up to $5,000. This does not include the cost of the Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) labor certification, which may be required for certain permanent residence cases. PERM costs will be covered by appropriate sources in Geisel.

Where approved, the first $5,000 in incurred fees (excluding the cost of the PERM labor certification), should not be invoiced to the foreign national, but rather should be billed directly to the designated departmental contact at Dartmouth (Geisel) for payment to the outside law firm. The specific source of funds for these costs must also be approved by the Executive Dean for Administration and Finance of Geisel.

Tenure-track/ Tenure Faculty Line candidates who accept an employment offer to join the faculty of the Geisel School of Medicine and who wish to proceed with Dartmouth LPR sponsorship must obtain prior approval of the Dean of Faculty Affairs and the Director of the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) of Dartmouth College. Individuals requesting institutional support for LPR sponsorship expenses must do so in coordination with their department’s administrator who will notify their immigration advisor in OVIS of approval.

Candidates will be able to have costs up to $5000 billed directly to Dartmouth (Geisel) by one of two law firms that have been approved by OVIS, with any additional costs billed directly to the candidate. For a Geisel-sponsored petition, one of these firms must be used in order to qualify for institutional support for LPR expenses and institutional approval (see above) must be obtained prior to initiating the process for LPR status. Firms should contact the Chief Financial Officer/Geisel Finance Office ( for appropriate billing information for the invoice.

Please note that the payments for attorney and filing fee expenses are considered taxable benefits under U.S. tax withholding laws. By law, Dartmouth College must pay all fees associated with the PERM labor certification process.

Non-tenure Line Faculty, Non-faculty Academics and Staff

Geisel has no obligation to provide support/sponsorship for LPR expenses for candidates hired into Non-tenure Line Faculty, Non-faculty Academics or senior staff positions.  However, in limited cases, the medical school may choose to do so. Institutional support for LPR expenses for these individuals shall be determined on a case-by-case as approved by the Executive Dean for Administration and Finance and, for faculty/non-faculty academics, also by the Dean of Faculty Affairs.

For these limited cases:

  1. Geisel may choose to sponsor the candidate as their employer.  In this case, all parameters outlined above for Tenure-track/Tenure Line faculty apply;
  2. Geisel may permit departments or units to use funds (up to $5000) from department reserves or individual faculty FRIAs/PDFs (including those FRIA’s belonging to other Geisel faculty who may wish to defray these costs for a member of their research group) to be used in support of the candidate’s personal petition for LPR or green card status. Such support is taxable.