Reporting and Communication Relationships

The MEC is empowered to make and enforce all policies affecting the formal Geisel curriculum leading to the MD degree. The Medical Education Committee reports directly to the Dean as outlined below. The Chair of the MEC will provide periodic updates to, and seek advice from, the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education (SADME) as part of their standing monthly meetings together. The Dean, or the Dean’s delegate, will arrange for periodic reports by the Chair of the MEC to the Dean’s Academic Board, especially when advice or input is requested. When the Dean determines that a new or proposed policy of the MEC represents a major change in the curriculum (e.g. approval of a new or deletion of an old course or clerkship, change in the architecture of a complete year, change in the grading system, etc.), then the Dean will refer the recommendation of the MEC to the General Faculty or to the Faculty Council for discussion and consideration of the new policy. In addition, the Dean will arrange for the Chair of the MEC to provide a yearly report to the general medical faculty as part of a scheduled faculty meeting. Finally, the Chair of the MEC will meet with any department at the department chair’s request to facilitate feedback and discussion and will extend the same courtesy to the Student Government when requested by the President of that organization.