Dean’s Charge to the Admissions Committee

General Purpose of the Admissions Committee: The Admissions Committee is one of several permanent standing committees of the medical school faculty, and is charged by the Dean to perform the essential function of evaluating candidates for admission to the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and to ensure the high standards and the diversity of class that we value at Geisel.  Admission of students who represent a multiplicity of values and beliefs, interest and experiences, as well as intellectual and cultural viewpoints is seen as important in creating our Geisel Medical School community.  Admission of students with these attributes creates a Geisel community that will enhance the educational experience, widen the path to leadership, and advance our mission of improving health locally, nationally, and globally.  A core value of this mission is respect for the multiple dimensions of diversity reflected in all people.

It is the responsibility of the Admissions Committee to assure that our medical school selects those students with academic qualities that will allow for success in their medical studies, as well as attributes and experiences that will result in skilled and empathic physicians with high degrees of professionalism and strong communication skills.  It is the goal of the faculty, through the work of this committee, to admit students who will make a positive contribution to the educational environment of Geisel and who will be the next generation of superb physicians to graduate from Geisel.