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Training and Education


Each year, the NHSCR organizes training events for NH hospital registrars, including the NAACCR webinar series hosted by local hospitals. The NHSCR staff members are available by phone or email to answer individual questions about reporting requirements and practical issues. Registrars should also check regional and national organizations for other training opportunities. Some useful links are provided here.

NAACCR Webinars

NHCSR subscribes to the NAACCR Cancer Registry & Surveillance webinar series so that NH hospital registrars may participate. We encourage NH hospital registrars to host these events. If interested, please contact us.

NHSCR understands that it is not always possible to attend the live presentations. If you would like to view the webinars, please contact NHSCR for the access code. The access code will allow you to download the link to the recording and all pertinent files.