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Student Programs

Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities

NH-INBRE’s goal is to provide research opportunities that encourage students to pursue graduate studies and/or research careers. We offer Undergraduate Research at Partner Institutions during both the academic year and summer; we also offer Summer Research at Dartmouth via our ISURF program, which has programs in basic science research, bioinformatics, and Nursing Research.


Postdoctoral Teaching Opportunities

A substantial number of Postdoctoral Fellows at Dartmouth and UNH consider (and enter) careers at predominantly undergraduate institutions such as our NH-INBRE Partners. At every partner, some courses are taught by Adjunct Faculty, and this can include Dartmouth or UNH postdocs.  Our program provides teaching experience for interested postdocs and fulfills needs at Partners. Participation in the program requires agreement of the Postdoc’s mentor. Salary support for teaching is determined and provided by the Partner. Training and other support for postdoc teaching is offered through the Dartmouth Center for Advancement of Learning (DCAL), which offers workshops in a wide variety of areas including training postdocs for teaching.

Hybrid Research/Teaching Postdoc Program

Geoffrey Cook,PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology at New England College. NEC Hybrid Postdoc 2016-2018

This new program supports postdocs to dedicate 50% of their effort to research, funded by NH-INBRE, and 50% effort to teaching, funded by the Partner. The faculty mentor for these postdocs must have at least 2 yrs. going forward of their own research funding, from an external source or a DRPP grant. The hybrid postdoc performs research as does any postdoc with the mentoring faculty and also helps teach some portion of the course(s) taught by the mentor. This program is targeted at scientists who seek a faculty career at a primarily undergraduate institution where teaching is the primary focus but research with student involvement is also expected and supported. Postdocs with significant teaching experience are stronger faculty candidates.



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