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Migraine Ups Stroke Risk, but Only in Smokers

Medscape – Quotes Thomas Ward, professor of neurology, on a recent study which shows that migraines are associated with an increased risk for stroke among active smokers, but not nonsmokers. Ward says that the study “does confirm that smoking and migraine is a bad combination, and already known to be even worse if the patient is taking exogenous estrogen.”

Giving Water to Fitness: Woodsville Man Hopes ‘H.A.T.S.’ Can Be Right Fit

Valley News – Quotes Melanie Lawrence, clinical assistant professor of community and family medicine, on the potential construction of a nonprofit water therapy and swimming center in the Woodsville, N.H. – Wells River, V.T., area. “The therapeutic and medical reasons I think would draw a lot of people,” says Lawrence. “Gravity is much less of a restriction for physical therapy in the water, and that type of modality is really important particularly for elderly people with joint issues.”

Fred Hutch President Predicts Cancer Cure in 10 Years; Critics Have Heard it All Before

Health News Review – Article quotes Steven Woloshin, professor of medicine, community and family medicine, and of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, on the recent claim by Gary Gilliland, president of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, that it is plausible there will be a cure for most human cancers within 10 years. Woloshin notes that it is a “great aspiration – but, unfortunately no reason to think it’s more than a dream right now.”

At the Hospitals: VA Medical Center Surgeons Receive Career Development Awards

Valley News – Continued coverage on the career development awards given by the White River Junction VA Medical Center to Eric Henderson, assistant professor of orthopaedics, and Florian Schroeck, assistant professor of orthopaedics and of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, both of whom are members of the White River Junction VA Outcomes Group.