After Long Delay, Moderna Pays N.I.H. for Covid Vaccine Technique – The New York Times

Read article - Quotes President Philip J. Hanlon ’77; Jason McLellan, a former assistant professor at the Geisel School of Medicine; and Kim Rosenfield, director of tech transfer, in a feature story about the finalization of terms between the National Institutes of Health and Moderna to pay for the rights to technology that made many of the COVID-19 vaccines possible. A portion of the funds will benefit Dartmouth, where a team of scientists—led by McLellan—developed the means to modify the gene sequence that encodes the spike protein on the surface of the coronavirus, essentially locking the protein in place to enable vaccine antibodies to be more effective. “I think this gives you a model for partnerships where the basic, curiosity-based research did happen on a campus, and led to eventually creating a product which saved millions of lives,” President Hanlon said.