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Rwanda’s Bright Future: Twin Champions Of Global Health

"The ambitious goal of the Rwandan Human Resources for Health program is to build a medical education and health system in Rwanda that will be one of the best in the world," says Lisa Adams, MD, associate dean for global health at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine. "The scope and potential is unprecedented. This is also a natural fit for our commitment to global health education and impact at Dartmouth and the work of our Center for Health Equity at the medical school."

In this video, Adams, who was the first U.S. physician in Rwanda working as part of the HRH program, speaks about the change already happening in Rwanda.....change that excites Jean-Luc Nkurikiyimfura, MD, head of the HIV Clinic at the Kigali University in Rwanda.

"At the end of this HRH program, we expect to have more than 500 specialists in the country, which will bring a very tremendous improvement in the quality of healthcare of the Rwandan population," says Nkurikiyimfura, who is paired with Adams in the program. "The HRH program is there to help us provide a very good medical education to the health professionals. We have been really fortunate to be working with Dartmouth University so that we can improve the quality of healthcare education," says Nkurikiyimfura.

For more information about global health at Dartmouth, visit globalhealth.dartmouth.edu.