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Geisel School of Medicine Welcomes Newest MD Class

Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine officially welcomes 89 new students to its MD program this week. The Class of 2018 brings with it not only high academic achievements, but also a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and service from around the world.

“I am truly impressed by the accomplishments of these students and the unique perspective each of them brings to the class,” said Duane Compton, Interim Dean of the Geisel School of Medicine. “It’s very exciting to welcome a new class of medical students and to help them develop into outstanding physicians.”

Interim Dean Duane Compton welcomes new medical students to Geisel.
Interim Dean Duane Compton welcomes new medical students to Geisel.

The 89 new MD students represent just a small percentage of the almost 6,000 who applied to Geisel via the American Medical College Application Service. Some members of this class already hold advanced degrees, including PhDs in pharmacology and biophysics. About 20 percent of the class has already had work published in book chapters and scientific journals, such as the Journal of Neuroscience, Oncogene, Journal of Global Health Perspectives, PLoS One, and Science. Almost half the class has participated in research and health-care activities outside the U.S.

“I’m excited to welcome our newest class of medical students to Geisel and the first step in their medical careers,” said Richard Simons, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education. “This is an academically excellent group with very diverse backgrounds. I can’t wait to see what they achieve together in the coming years.”

Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon greeted students before orientation.
Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon greeted students before orientation.

While classes don’t officially start until next week, the first-year medical students will spend this week in a variety of orientation activities, including team-building exercises and opportunities to get acquainted with their new classmates, as well as with Dartmouth and the local community.

“I can think of no more exciting time to be entering medical school than now because of the unprecedented convergence of science, technology and medicine,” Compton said to the new students. “The pace of discovery in clinical medicine right now is staggering and we will immerse you in that in our curriculum.”

Interesting facts about the new 2014 entering MD class:

  • The new 89 students were selected from almost 6,000 applicants to Geisel
  • Dartmouth is the most represented college, with 12 graduates.
  • Residents of New York, California, and Massachusetts make up almost half the class.
  • 57 percent of the new MD students are women.
  • 57 percent of the students are individuals of color and/or international students.
  • Almost half the class has participated in scientific investigation or health-care programs outside the U.S., working in a total of 36 countries.
  • More than a dozen members of this class already hold a master’s degree, and three have earned a PhD, two in pharmacology and one in biophysics.
  • There are five veterans in the class, including three from the U.S. Navy (including one SEAL and combat medic), and one each from the Army and Air Force.