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Dartmouth & The United Way: Improving Lives In The Upper Valley

"At Dartmouth, we believe in embracing the world's troubles and being our neighbor's keeper," says Marie Onakomaiya, a PhD student at the Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine, in this video about Dartmouth supporting the United Way Campaign. "I believe that the best way to keep yourself going outside of the daily grind of doing your work and going to classes is to go out into the community and find ways to support it. Working at the Haven Food Bank and Shelter has been a great avenue for that for me because it's so easy to forget that there are people right next door, just 10 minutes from campus, who live a completely different life and really could use our help."

"I am a graduate student, and we are not the most resource rich group of people, but there is a saying that every little bit goes a long way," adds Onakomaiya. "There are so many organizations in our community supported by a grant from United Way who do a lot of good work, but they need not only volunteers but monetary contributions. Whether $5, $10, $25, it goes a really long way to help them do the work that they need to do. It doesn't have to be a lot of money... the little donations add up and make a big difference in improving lives right here in our backyard."

Marie has volunteered at the Haven for several years, gives monetary donations to the United Way, and also has served on the Granite United Way Grants Review Committee.

Gail Gentes, director of action-based learning at Dartmouth, and Chip Souba, dean of the Geisel School of Medicine are the Dartmouth-United Way Campaign co-chairs.

Give today and help our community live united: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~unitedway