Graduate Program

Graduate opportunities in neuroscience exist through the Neuroscience Track of the Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine Program (PEMM). Qualified PhD and MD-PhD students have an opportunity to be educated and highly trained for productive careers in translational neuroscience research through training with faculty members of the Neuroscience Center at Dartmouth (NCD). Students will utilize innovative approaches to investigate the neurobiology of disease, to advance our understanding of the mechanisms of nervous system disorders, and to discover novel treatments. The interdisciplinary nature of the neuroscience track allows for a broad range of interactions with faculty, residents, fellows and other students. The NCD's faculty members represent departments that span the Arts and Sciences, Medical School, Thayer School of Engineering and the Veteran Affairs Hospital. The researchers, their projects and the environment provide an exciting, interactive atmosphere that fosters the exchange of ideas and approaches, cultivates collaborations, enhances research activities, and promotes bi-directional translational research opportunities for both basic science and clinical faculty.

Translational research, which is emphasized within the Neuroscience track of PEMM, is the process of applying ideas, insights, and information generated through basic scientific inquiry to the modification, cure, or prevention of human disease. As our understanding of the biology of neurological and psychiatric disorders continues to grow, there are incredible opportunities for developing early biomarkers of disorders and novel disease-specific therapies. There is an enormous breadth of neuroscience research interests represented among the faculty so that students are able to pursue research in a wide range of clinically-relevant neuroscience areas using state-of-the-art methodology. This multidisciplinary effort provides opportunities in areas including, but not limited to: addiction, chronic pain, epilepsy, language development, social cognition & brain science, mechanisms and treatment of neurodegeneration and schizophrenia.

Application Procedure

Students interested in graduate training in the neurosciences need to apply through the Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine.