Human: Voices of Tomorrow’s Doctors

"Medical professionals are often viewed as a special breed of stoic figures whose tough grace allows them to stay strong as they confront human frailty and tragedy on a daily basis. Human is a new anthology that aims to dispel this unhelpful line of thought, revealing a more realistic picture of individuals shaped by forces—good and bad—just like the rest of us. Collecting writing from medical students around the world, Human aims to demystify medical education by showing the vulnerability in a group typically viewed as indestructible. It also seeks to remind medical trainees that, even though it may feel like their lives have been put on hold for the sake of their education, they are continually growing and evolving, and as worthy of love and a full life as anyone else—in short, that they are human.”

Tolu Kehinde is a resident physician at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. A Nigerian native and graduate of the MD-MBA program at Dartmouth, her professional experiences have included assessing vaccination policy implementation at the Rwandan Ministry of Health, exploring the future of senior living in America, and creating the vision for African Leadership Academy’s healthcare network, ALforHealth. She is passionate about promoting African agency and advancement and also enjoys writing, theater, woodworking and chamomile tea. Her debut editorial work, Human: Voices of Tomorrow’s Doctors, on the psychosocial implications of medical training comes out September 15, 2019. You can keep up with her professional life at