Undergraduate Medical Education Offices

Geisel Admissions Office

Remsen Medical Sciences Building

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

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Office Location Email for More Information
Admissions 3 Rope Ferry Road Geisel.Admissions@Dartmouth.edu 
UME Affairs (Finance & Administration) Remsen 515 Geisel.OUME@Dartmouth.edu
Clinical Education Rubin 4th floor - DHMC Clinical.Education.Office@Dartmouth.edu
Assessment, Quality, and Accreditation Remsen 524C Paul.Weissburg@Dartmouth.edu
Financial Aid Remsen 302 Geisel.Financial.Aid@Dartmouth.edu
Learning Environment Remsen 302A Kate.E.Adams@Dartmouth.edu
Preclinical Education Remsen 306 Preclinical.Office@Dartmouth.edu
Registrar's Office Rubin 4th floor - DHMC Geisel.Registrar@Dartmouth.edu
Student Academic Success & Accessibility Remsen 321 Chenelle.V.Channer@Dartmouth.edu
Student Affairs Remsen 301 Geisel.Student.Affairs@Dartmouth.edu