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Voluntary Faculty Form

Request for appointment or reappointment in Clinical, Adjunct or Honorary Faculty Lines at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Visit the Academic Appointments, Promotions, and Titles website for criteria related to these two faculty lines.

All items must be completed by the applicant and reviewed by the Department Chair/Institute Director at Geisel before submitting this form to the Office of Faculty Affairs. Approval of the candidate’s application and credentials by the Department Chair/Institute Director is required for the voluntary faculty appointment to be granted.

Appointments as Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers are for one academic year ending on June 30, or for the term of the course with which the faculty member is associated. Clinical and Honorary appointments are for two academic years ending on June 30. Appointments must be actively renewed for faculty status to continue. All rights and privileges associated with membership in the Geisel faculty terminate at the time of appointment termination.

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