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Periannan (Kuppu) Kuppusamy, Ph.D.

Professor of Radiology
Professor of Medicine
Associate Director
EPR Center for Viable Biological Systems


PhD - Indian Institute of Technology (India)
Cardiovascular Fellowship - Johns Hopkins University

EPR Center at Dartmouth Medical School
Heart and Vascular Research Center
Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine

Contact Information:

EPR Center
48 Lafayette St
Lebanon NH 03766

Phone: 603-650-1034
Fax: 603-643-0304
Email: Periannan.Kuppusamy@Dartmouth.edu

Assistant: Jennifer Thody
Asst. Phone: 603-650-1784
Asst. Email: Jennfer.Thody@Dartmouth.edu

Professional Interests:

Oxygen, oximetry, oxygenomics
Cancer & Cardiovascular disease/therapy
EPR, Imaging, clinical oximetry

Selected Publications:


Nagalingam A, Kuppusamy P, Singh SV, Sharma D, Saxena NK
Mechanistic Elucidation of the Antitumor Properties of Withaferin A in Breast Cancer.
Cancer Res 2014 Apr 14;
PMID: 24732433

Khan N, Hou H, Hodge S, Kuppusamy M, Chen EY, Eastman A, Kuppusamy P, Swartz HM
Recurrent low-dose chemotherapy to inhibit and oxygenate head and neck tumors.
Adv Exp Med Biol 2014; 812:105-11
PMID: 24729221

Hou H, Khan N, Lariviere J, Hodge S, Chen EY, Jarvis LA, Eastman A, Williams BB, Kuppusamy P, Swartz HM
Skeletal Muscle and Glioma Oxygenation by Carbogen Inhalation in Rats: A Longitudinal Study by EPR Oximetry Using Single-Probe Implantable Oxygen Sensors.
Adv Exp Med Biol 2014; 812:97-103
PMID: 24729220

Rivera BK, Naidu SK, Subramanian K, Joseph M, Hou H, Khan N, Swartz HM, Kuppusamy P
Real-Time, In Vivo Determination of Dynamic Changes in Lung and Heart Tissue Oxygenation Using EPR Oximetry.
Adv Exp Med Biol 2014; 812:81-6
PMID: 24729218

Swartz HM, Hou H, Khan N, Jarvis LA, Chen EY, Williams BB, Kuppusamy P
Advances in Probes and Methods for Clinical EPR Oximetry.
Adv Exp Med Biol 2014; 812:73-9
PMID: 24729217

Kumar B, Yadav A, Hideg K, Kuppusamy P, Teknos TN, Kumar P
A novel curcumin analog (h-4073) enhances the therapeutic efficacy of Cisplatin treatment in head and neck cancer.
PLoS One 2014; 9(3):e93208
PMID: 24675768

Reddy CA, Somepalli V, Golakoti T, Kanugula AK, Karnewar S, Rajendiran K, Vasagiri N, Prabhakar S, Kuppusamy P, Kotamraju S, Kutala VK
Mitochondrial-targeted curcuminoids: a strategy to enhance bioavailability and anticancer efficacy of curcumin.
PLoS One 2014; 9(3):e89351
PMID: 24622734

Rath KS, Naidu SK, Lata P, Bid HK, Rivera BK, McCann GA, Tierney BJ, Elnaggar AC, Bravo V, Leone G, Houghton P, Hideg K, Kuppusamy P, Cohn DE, Selvendiran K
HO-3867, a Safe STAT3 Inhibitor, Is Selectively Cytotoxic to Ovarian Cancer.
Cancer Res 2014 Apr 15; 74(8):2316-27
PMID: 24590057

Swartz HM, Williams BB, Zaki BI, Hartford AC, Jarvis LA, Chen EY, Comi RJ, Ernstoff MS, Hou H, Khan N, Swarts SG, Flood AB, Kuppusamy P
Clinical EPR: unique opportunities and some challenges.
Acad Radiol 2014 Feb; 21(2):197-206
PMID: 24439333

Gupta K, Madan E, Sayyid M, Arias-Pulido H, Moreno E, Kuppusamy P, Gogna R
Oxygen regulates molecular mechanisms of cancer progression and metastasis.
Cancer Metastasis Rev 2013 Dec 15;
PMID: 24338006