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Bradley A. Arrick, MD, PhD

Clinical Professor of Medicine
Clinical Professor of Medical Education

Medical Education

Cornell University Medical College, MD 1984
Rockefeller University, PHD 1983
Wesleyan University, BA 1977

Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Programs
Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Professional Interests:

One of the most versatile and potent of growth-regulatory proteins, TGF-β, is a major focus of Dr. Arrick's research. Particular attention is being directed at efforts to better understand the role of TGF-β in tumor formation and the malignant phenotype, using the model of breast cancer. A second focus of research in Dr. Arrick's lab is elucidation of the function(s) of the recently-discovered gene responsible for many cases of inherited breast cancer (called BRCA1).

Selected Publications:


  • Lu M, Conzen SD, Cole CN, and Arrick BA. Characterization of functional splice variants of BRC1 expressed in non-malignant and tumor-derived breast cells. Cancer Research 56:4578-4581, 1996.

  • Archey W, Sweet MP, Alig G, and Arrick BA. Methylation of CpGs as a determinant of transcriptional activation at alternative promoters for transforming growth factor-beta3. Cancer Research, 59:2292-2296, 1999.

  • Kuhn JC, Siegel A, Poplack S, Arrick B. Chest wall recurrence of breast cancer detected by scintimammography. Clinical Nuclear Medicine 25:104-106, 2000.

  • Meiling Lu and Bradley A. Arrick. Transactivation of the p21 promoter by BRCA1 splice variants in mammary epithelial cells: Evidence for both common and distinct activities of wildtype and mutant forms. Oncogene 19: 6351-6360, 2000.

  • Stephen W. Tobin, Mary Kay Brown, Karen Douville, Drew C. Payne, Alan Eastman, and Bradley A. Arrick. Inhibition of transforming growth factor-b signaling in MCF-7 cells results in resistance to tumor necrosis factor-a: A role for Bcl-2. Cell Growth & Differentiation 12: 109-117, 2001.

  • Stephen W. Tobin, Karen Douville, Ulrike Benbow, Constance E. Brinckerhoff, Vincent A. Memoli, and Bradley A. Arrick. Consequences of altered TGF-b expression and responsiveness in breast cancer: evidence for autocrine and paracrine effects. Oncogene 21: 108-118, 2002.

  • William B. Archey, Kristen A. McEachern, Mark Robson, Kenneth Offit, Susan A. J. Vaziri, Graham Casey, Åke Borg, and Bradley A. Arrick. Increased CpG methylation of the estrogen receptor gene in BRCA1-linked estrogen receptor-negative breast cancers. Oncogene, 21: 7034-7041, 2002.

  • Kristen A. McEachern, William B. Archey, Karen Douville, and Bradley A. Arrick. BRCA1 splice variants exhibit overlapping and distinct transcriptional transactivation activities. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 89:120-132, 2003.