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John H. Wasson, MD

Emeritus Professor of Community and Family Medicine
Emeritus Professor of Medicine

Community and Family Medicine

Dartmouth College, AB 1967
U. Virginia, MD 1971

Center For Aging
Dartmouth COOP Project
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Curriculum Vitae

Websites www.howsyourhealth.org

Contact Information

1 Dorset Lane
Lebanon NH 03766

Office: 35 Centerra Parkway, Suite 300
Phone: 603-448-2663
Email: John. Wasson@Dartmouth.edu

Professional Interests

John H. Wasson, MD is the Emeritus Herman O. West Professor of Community and Family Medicine and Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School. For more than four decades he was a practicing internist and geriatrician.

Dr. Wasson has led programs including outpatient services at the Veterans Administration, the Centers for Health and Aging, the Dartmouth - Northern New England Primary Care Research Network, and Idealized Office Practices at the Institute for HealthCare Improvement. He was a founding member of The Dartmouth Institute. He received an unique award as the "pioneer for practice-based research" from the Agency for HealthCare Quality and Research. He has been elected to public offices.

His interest in innovative education for health professionals is exemplified by The Common Symptom Guide which was translated into several languages and had multiple editions over many decades.

The cited articles represent eclectic interests in diverse topics: for example, improved delivery of healthcare, prostate diseases, decision modeling and geriatrics. For many decades he has also distributed without charge the HowsYourHealth.org interaction technologies -- considered a "national treasure" by the former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services -- to patients of all ages and clinicians in all settings.

Dr. Wasson’s continuing areas of expertise and interest include pragmatic methods for assessing and responding to "what matters to patients" and reducing health care waste and inefficiencies.

Selected Publications


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  • Wasson JH, Sauvigne AE, Mogielnicki RP, et al Continuity of outpatient medical care in elderly men: A randomized trial. JAMA 1984;252(17):2413-2417

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  • Fleming C, Wasson JH, Albertsen PC, Barry MJ, Wennberg JE et al A decision analysis of alternative treatment strategies for clinically localized prostate cancer. JAMA, 1993; 269(20):2650-2658

  • Wasson JH, Reda DJ, Bruskewitz RC, Elinson J, Keller AM, Henderson WG A comparison of transurethral surgery with watchful waiting for moderate symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. N Engl J Med 1995;332(2):75-79

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  • Wasson JH Standardized Assessment, Information, and Networking Technologies (SAINTs): Lessons from Three Decades of Development and Testing. Quality of Life Research. 2020. (DOI: 10.1007/s11136-020-02528-z)