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Stephanie C Kerns, MLS

Assistant Professor of Medical Education

Additional Titles/Positions/Affiliations:
Director of Biomedical Libraries

Medical Education

MLS, Indiana University
BA, English with Certificate in Women's Studies, Indiana University

Contact Information:

Professional Interests:

Evidence Based Practice
Medical Education Curriculum Development and Assessment

Selected Publications:


  • Hersh W, Biagioli F, Scholl G, Gold J, Mohan V, Kassakian S, Kerns S, Gorman P. Competencies to Competence: Model, Approach, and Lessons Learned from Implementing a Clinical Informatics Curriculum for Medical Students. In: Shachak A, Borycki E, Reis SP, editors. Health Professionals' Education in the Age of Clinical Information Systems, Mobile Computing and Social Networks. London: Academic Press; 2017:269-87.

  • Kerns, S. Library Services and Spaces: Addressing the Needs of a Changing Campus. OLA Quarterly. 2016; 22(1): 15-18.