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James O'Malley, MS, PhD

Professor of The Dartmouth Institute
Professor of Biomedical Data Science

Additional Titles/Positions/Affiliations
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

The Dartmouth Institute
Biomedical Data Science

1994 B.Sc. (Hons) in Statistics: University of Canterbury, New Zealand
1999 M.S. in Applied Statistics: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
1999 Ph.D. in Statistics: University of Canterbury, New Zealand
2001 Postdoctoral-fellowship in Biostatistics: Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Quantitative Biomedical Sciences
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Curriculum Vitae

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Contact Information

The Dartmouth Institute
Williamson Translational Research Building
1 Medical Center Drive
Lebanon NH 03756

Office: 546
Phone: 603-646-5653
Fax: 603-653-0896
Email: James.OMalley@Dartmouth.edu

Assistant: Kathy Stroffolino
Asst. Email: Kathy.M.Stroffolino@dartmouth.edu

Professional Interests

My research interests span both statistical methodology and various areas of medicine and health care. My prior and ongoing contributions to statistical methodology involve statistical inference for social networks, multivariate hierarchical models, comparative effectiveness research including causal inference for both randomized and observational studies, and Bayesian analysis. Specific research projects are typically motivated by problems encountered in my collaborative work with physicians, sociologists, health economists, health services researchers, epidemiologists and others. Application areas of focus include evaluating the relationship between health and social networks, evaluation/estimation of variations in health quality and outcomes, vascular surgery and cardiology, and evaluation of medical devices.

Rotations and Thesis Projects

Statistical Methods:
- Analysis of Social Network Data
- Multivariate-Multilevel Models
- Comparative Effectiveness Research (Causal Inference)
- Bayesian Analysis
- Design and Analysis of Medical Device Clinical Trials

Collaborative Work:
- Social networks and health
- The measurement and reporting of health care quality
- Diffusion of medical technology
- Tracking health systems
- Comparative effectiveness in vascular surgery
- Comparative effectiveness in cardiology
- Comparative effectiveness in mental health

Grant Information

Projects currently leading or in a leading role:

NIH/NIA P01AG019783 (Skinner PI) 07/01/2001-11/30/2023
Causes and Consequences of Healthcare Efficiency
PI: Statistical and Network Analysis Core

AHRQ U19HS024075 (Fisher PI) 09/01/2015-08/31/2021
Accelerating the Use of Evidence-Based Innovations in Healthcare Systems
PI: Data Core

NIH P20GM130454 (Whitfield PI)
8/1/2019 - 7/30/2024
Center for Quantitative Biology: A focus on "omics", from organisms to single cells (COBRE)
PI: Data Core

IHS-2018C2-12902-IC (Leyenaar PI)
7/1/2019 - 6/30/2023
Comparative Effectiveness of Direct Admission & Admission through Emergency Departments for Children
PI: Sub-contract

NIH RO1 HS025408 (Landon PI)
9/30/2017 - 7/31/2021
Identifying Predictors of Hospital Admission from the ED Among the Elderly
PI: Sub-contract

PCS-2017C2-7724-IC (Pratt PI)
2/15/2019 - 2/14/2024
Integrated Physical and Mental Health Self¬-management Compared to Chronic Disease Self-¬management
PI: Sub-contract

Notable completed projects:

PCORI ME-1503-28261 (O’Malley PI)
Advancing Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in Survival Data with Unmeasured Confounding to Improve Patient Risk Communication

NIH 1U01 AG046830 (Skinner PI)
Diffusion of Medical Technology and Effects on Outcomes and Expenditures
Project Leader: Methods for Modeling the Diffusion of Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators

NIH 1R01HL109263-01A1 (O’Malley, Subramanian PIs) 04/01/2012-03/31/2015
Proximity to Food Establishments and BMI in the Framingham Heart Study

NIH 1RC4MH092717-01 (O’Malley PI)
Accounting for confounding bias and heterogeneity in comparative effectiveness

NIH/NIA P01 AG0309301 (Christakis PI),
Networks and Neighborhoods
Project Leader: Methods for the Analysis of Longitudinal Social Network Data

Courses Taught

2018- Biostatistics III: Statistical Analysis of Complex Data (QBS 122)
2014-2018 The Practice of Statistics in Medicine (ECS.245.1-TFA13)
2013-2014 Advanced Statistical Methods (ECS.245.1-TFA13)


In 2011 I received the Mid-career Excellence award from the Health Policy Section of the ASA and in 2012 became an elected fellow of the ASA. In 2019 I was the recipient of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Award for Excellence in Methodology in Health Economics and Outcomes Research. In 2021 I received the Peggy Y. Thomson Professorship in the Evaluative Clinical Sciences

I was chair of the Health Policy Statistics Section of the America Statistical Association (ASA) in 2008, co-chair of the 2011 International Conference on Health Policy Statistics, and am an Associate Editor at Statistics in Medicine.

I was one of the organizers of the Dartmouth Interdisciplinary Network Research (DINR) seminar series (http://www.dartmouth.edu/~dinr/).

Mentoring Information

Post-doctoral fellows
2007-2009 Brian Neelon, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
2010-2012 Sudeshna Paul, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
2011-2014 Jaeun Choi, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
2015-2018 Erika Moen, R25 Postdoctoral Fellow, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
2015-2017 Weston Viles, R25 Postdoctoral Fellow, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
2016-2018 Pablo Martinez-Camblor, Postdoctoral Fellow, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
2018-2020 Seho Park, Postdoctoral Fellow, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
2021-2022 Carly Bobak, Postdoctoral Fellow, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

PhD Students
2017-2021 Guanqing Chen, Ph.D. Candidate, Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science
2017-2021 Carly Bobak (Co-advisor), Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science
2017-2019 Chuankai An (Co-advisor), Computer Science
2018- Xin Ran, Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science
2022- Bo Qin, Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science
2022- Haobin (Tony) Chen, Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science

PhD Committees
2014-2017 Elizabeth Nichols, Program in Health Policy and Clinical Practice
2018-2020 Helen Newton, Program in Health Policy and Clinical Practice
2019- Renata West Yen, Program in Health Policy and Clinical Practice
2020-2022 Reed Bratches, Program in Health Policy and Clinical Practice
2020-2022 Catherine Pollack, Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science
2020-2021 Joshua Levy, Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science
2022- Sarah Cornelius, Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science
2022- Bruno Scodari, Program in Quantitative Biomedical Science

Selected Publications


Telehealth Use Following COVID-19 Within Patient-Sharing Physician Networks at a Rural Comprehensive Cancer Center: Cross-sectional Analysis.
Yu L, Liu YC, Cornelius SL, Scodari BT, Brooks GA, O'Malley AJ, Onega T, Moen EL
JMIR Cancer. 2023 Jan 17;9:e42334. doi: 10.2196/42334. Epub 2023 Jan 17.
PMID: 36595737

Characterizing the Prevalence of Obesity Misinformation, Factual Content, Stigma, and Positivity on the Social Media Platform Reddit Between 2011 and 2019: Infodemiology Study.
Pollack CC, Emond JA, O'Malley AJ, Byrd A, Green P, Miller KE, Vosoughi S, Gilbert-Diamond D, Onega T
J Med Internet Res. 2022 Dec 30;24(12):e36729. doi: 10.2196/36729. Epub 2022 Dec 30.
PMID: 36583929

Use of a Novel Network-Based Linchpin Score to Characterize Accessibility to the Oncology Physician Workforce in the United States.
Moen EL, Brooks GA, O'Malley AJ, Schaefer A, Carlos HA, Onega T
JAMA Netw Open. 2022 Dec 1;5(12):e2245995. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.45995. Epub 2022 Dec 1.
PMID: 36525275

Social network correlates of free and purchased insecticide-treated bed nets in rural Uganda.
Takada S, Krezanoski PJ, Nyakato V, Batwala V, O'Malley AJ, Perkins JM, Tsai AC, Bangsberg DR, Christakis NA, Nishi A
Malar J. 2022 Nov 24;21(1):350. doi: 10.1186/s12936-022-04347-8. Epub 2022 Nov 24.
PMID: 36434632

Discussion on "Instrumental variable estimation of the causal hazard ratio" by Linbo Wang, Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen, Torben Martinussen, and Stijn Vansteelandt.
O'Malley AJ, Martinez-Camblor P, MacKenzie TA
Biometrics. 2022 Nov 25; doi: 10.1111/biom.13794. Epub 2022 Nov 25.
PMID: 36427240

Procedural Safety Comparison Between Transcarotid Artery Revascularization, Carotid Endarterectomy, and Carotid Stenting: Perioperative and 1-Year Rates of Stroke or Death.
Columbo JA, Martinez-Camblor P, Stone DH, Goodney PP, O'Malley AJ
J Am Heart Assoc. 2022 Oct 4;11(19):e024964. doi: 10.1161/JAHA.121.024964. Epub 2022 Sep 29.
PMID: 36172943

Association of Rurality, Race and Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status With the Surgical Management of Colon Cancer and Postoperative Outcomes Among Medicare Beneficiaries.
Ramkumar N, Colla CH, Wang Q, O'Malley AJ, Wong SL, Brooks GA
JAMA Netw Open. 2022 Aug 1;5(8):e2229247. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.29247. Epub 2022 Aug 1.
PMID: 36040737

Machine Learning Approaches for Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries: A Retrospective Study of Electronic Medical Records.
Levy JJ, Lima JF, Miller MW, Freed GL, O'Malley AJ, Emeny RT
Front Med Technol. 2022;4:926667. doi: 10.3389/fmedt.2022.926667. Epub 2022 Jun 16.
PMID: 35782577

Using a mixed-effect model with a parameter-space of heterogenous dimension to evaluate whether accountable care organizations are associated with greater uniformity across constituent practices.
Chen G, Lewis VA, Gottlieb DJ, O'Malley AJ
Stat Med. 2022 Sep 20;41(21):4215-4226. doi: 10.1002/sim.9506. Epub 2022 Jun 27.
PMID: 35760495

Sacubitril/valsartan vs ACEi/ARB at hospital discharge and 5-year survival in older patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: A decision analysis approach.
Gilstrap L, Zipkin RJ, Barnes JA, King A, O'Malley AJ, Gaziano TA, Tosteson ANA
Am Heart J. 2022 Aug;250:23-28. doi: 10.1016/j.ahj.2022.04.007. Epub 2022 May 4.
PMID: 35525261

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